Umm, Lethal Weapon was terrible  Read more

Thank you for communicating this concept. I tried for twenty minutes and couldn’t get it to not sound stupid. Read more

I think a lot of this is just Paul being an idiot who admires a criminal. Read more

Why is the Times acknowledgement that when Chelsea was convicted, it was prior to her transition, when she was known as Bradley - “wrong”? The transition does not erase the history of who she was prior, it simply corrects her to who she is. But when you look at legal records, they will not be edited to reflect the Read more

Same here. A few details about the crime just seemed “off” when they were first reported. But I kept my mouth shut and hoped I was wrong. I mean what does he have to gain by this? The MAGA crowd doesn’t matter to me because they wouldn’t believe it even if the attack was real. Hell they’re still defaming Heather Read more

I mean you bring up some good points but I think at this point the reports are leaning in the other direction, if they put out and official statement soon we will know for sure but right now shit isn’t looking good  Read more

Glad I kept my mouth shut about this for weeks. Read more

“Coming to io9 for profoundness” Read more

“This is a colossal PR disaster Read more

“Throughout Wheaton’s essay decrying the online mobs of bad faith actors, there seems to be one glaring omission: Any mention of his friend Chris Hardwick.” Read more

Timothy Olyphant deserves an Emmy for this show, I had no idea he was so funny. And adorable 😍 Read more

Damn... a whole article mocking one of the most important aspects of a free society. When speakers talk at universities and other places... they aren’t spitting in the faces of all the students and faculty that disagree with them. No one is forced to attend and listen to something they don’t like. The speakers are Read more

I’m not going to stop drinking Fanta because it was created under the Nazi regime. Read more

You can’t be a bigot for stating facts.

Also, it definitely seems like you’re angry. Saying you’re not doesn’t magically make it so. Read more

It is an extraordinarily stupid idea to drive these people underground. They become extremists and we don’t know who they are or what they’re doing. That’s why the alt right went to the dark web and why journalists like you are so focused on harmless morons like Baked and Milo and never, ever talk about the actual alt Read more

I’ll play devil’s advocate here..what would be the correct move for him in this situation? Besides not being an alleged sexual predator and general fucking creep to start, of course. Read more

Pixar has excellent training facilities, some of the best in the business in fact. Read more

Wasn’t this rumor already attributed to another comic? Read more

Ignaty, I love your reviews but can you just stop with the right-wing stuff about the first one? It’s fucking nonsense. One of the big climaxes of the movie was Colin Firth beating the crap of some proto Trump voters, you don’t have to shriek BUT THEY KILLED OBAMA over and over. It was a dumb fun movie and an equal Read more

You’d think a former Gawker property would learn after momma was killed by the Hulkster. Read more