I think the price is a little high for the entrance fee to a carnival ride that’s been running for about 12yrs. But I wouldn’t call anyone stupid or insult their purchase of this game. The age is just one factor of this game, and I think that being able to play it on the go or in handheld mode while dropping friends Read more

The price definitely is way too high for a game that’s older and is at bargain bin prices for other platforms. My argument would be not about having expendable income, but more the idea that unfortunately if you really want to enjoy and experience it primarily as an on-the-go/handheld port it’s really the only option. Read more

I’m a self-employed grown-up in my late 30s with more than enough disposable income to buy a $49.99 game, but I’m not stupid enough to buy a remaster of a 12-year-old game for $49.99, especially if it costs less than half of that on other platforms ($19.99 on PSN, currently on sale for $9.99).
But you go ahead, buddy.

Jeez louise, can we get a remaster of Burnout 3: Takedown already? Read more

Ask your Mom for more allowance.

I did say it, several times. I do think black lives matter, see, I just said it again.

“It helps if you have research skills (like if you’ve written lots of term papers, etc.), but it’s not impossible.” <—- So true! Lol Read more

You’re right! I forgot about that! Burial at Sea was the, “oops, let’s tweak our message,” dlc. Lol

I always thought I was the only one who felt this way! I got so angry that I traded the game the day that I saw that. I did go back to it later, and you might enjoy the whole game despite that. It forces the player to face the issue of race, and not giving any spoilers it has a pretty satisfying ending.

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 And not a single question answered, it’s almost as if you have something to hide. Read more

It could have had something meaningful (if not new) to say about oppression but instead it was like “Twist: The oppressees are also bad!” One of the DLCs actually retconned the scene where Daisy tries to kill that kid, like an apology for how bad it was.

Listen, hdefined2 is an idiot, he just bounces from thread to thread and then tries to start arguments.

Awww, you’re still pretending that you’re smart. Let me guess, you won’t answer the questions in this thread either

Detroit is an awesome game.

Surprised Mafia 3 wasn’t on the list, nothing more fun then killing the shit out of the klan(oh i’m sorry the Southern Union) and white moderates.

Each Juneteenth, I have considered who my ancestors were and might have been. Being a Black American has complicated that narrative for me and many others. Often, the what-ifs and how-comes of the search process make it far too emotional beyond the already-treacherous task of tracking “slave” records, and it’s more Read more

Well my new found friend, this was a great time, but just like movies good and bad the credits must roll. Speaking of, I wonder if Robert Pattinson can live up to the Batman legacy. Thoughts? Read more