Desh Fyre
May 6

Idk, it seems like a perfect fit to me. Horizon is an open world 3rd person game with a progression system, inventory system, and quest system.

May 5

So we can expect fast mounts and high-speed carriage chases, yeah?

Apr 23

I can’t wait until this all flips and all the incel bashers start defending some chick getting pounded while playing the Sims on the premise of “it’s natural, we all do it”. The issue was never about some turds bashing women for showing their boobies, it was about whether the platform was appropriate for it or not. Read more

Apr 18

And some dingus comes in swinging about how Kotaku is the reason this will be taken down in

Mar 19

For sure; it’s a little hard to spin ‘ease of use’ as a reason to pick up a console (especially when it’s up against ‘whichever Sony exclusive franchise is your favorite’). I just think it’s funny that, what, two months after getting a Series X, my favorite thing about it is probably ‘how rarely I remember I’m playing Read more

Mar 19

It’s one of those things you're glad they did but ultimately it's not really going to sell them any more consoles. But Microsoft's strategy is about selling an ecosystem rather than hardware these days.

Mar 19

I feel like a lot of the Series’ improvements over last gen are like that: decidedly unsexy, but in terms of general quality of life, actually pretty impressive. Like Microsoft was working overtime to make sure you didn’t really notice the changeover in generations, which is... kind of thankless and boring in terms of Read more

Mar 16

Sweeney’s right, but I hate it when people say “in a free market, this would never happen!” to complain about conditions that were created because of a free market. Monolithic corps acting as governmental entities for platforms that everyone is forced to engage with? Sounds like the inevitable result of market forces Read more

Mar 11

I see what you mean, but the official remake didn’t show off anything new either. But we all know Nintendo fans don’t need anything new, or good graphics, they will throw money at it anyway. 

Mar 2

Sorry, distracted by WALL OF WOE, STEAL BREATH, and LIFE OR DEATH. I see the BD series took the emo up a notch, huh. Read more

Feb 24

It wasn’t as bad as all this, but Diablo 3 definitely had a turnaround after some serious backlash about the initial game that launched.

Feb 24

I’m honestly perplexed how you were so excited you bought a videocard, but, somehow, the streams show it to be something you have no interest in. While the AI is not good, in a number of ways, some small features (like wall running) were cut, and there are some bugs, the game on PC is almost exactly what they Read more

Feb 18

More like FFX, where it pauses for you to pick your moves, but based on speed.

Feb 18

In the previous games, nobody wanted to use an ability slot on the support abilities that gave you an S rank for a weapon type or heavy armor. The weight system sounds like an alternative way to use off-job equipment without using up ability slots.
Read more

Dec 18

If this whole thing wasn’t, as you said, a vanity project of a dumb, racist, sexist pile of human shit I’d be incredibly it stands, it’s just a $15 Billion dollar bad joke...

But we can’t have a measly $600 stimulus cause of “the deficit”...ffs....

Dec 11

I think you underestimate the degree to which people will complain about anything.