Dec 24

I started out in autox too, and I’ve found that my students who start there have a much easier time adapting to the track than people who haven’t done any autox. They are very different though and you have to learn to adapt your autox skills to the track. Read more

Dec 23

Lots of people use track days to practice for their next race event, but yeah I wouldn’t call “not pushing 110% all the time” a “track day mistake.” Read more

Dec 23

There seems to be a problem with the title of the article. The video (I love Driver61) is about how to progress during a club race event, which is different than a “track day”. Read more

Dec 23

The track days I go to will give you one warning for having a timing device visible to the driver. Second offense and they will throw you out. They stress super hard that this is not a race and goal #1 is stay shiny side up.

Dec 23

This video seems to apply more to private track days for semi-professional drivers, not HPDE. I’d say the biggest mistakes I see in HPDE are, in no particular order: Read more

Dec 23

Yeah this seems a little aggressive for a track day. Track days are for driving fast around a track and experimenting with your car. Lap times shouldn’t the be the end all be all. You shouldn’t feel pressured to push through every corner and be on the limit all of the time. Passes should only be when safe to do so and Read more

Apr 1 2019

“Young man, back in 1984, I spent a glorious and debaucherous night in the trainer’s room at Exhibition Stadium. Read more

Dec 28 2017

Glad you enjoyed it and got inspired to paint your helmet. Send us some photos on Facebook when you get it done!! I was surprised at how easy it was too.

Oct 27 2017

I think it design could pass as a new supercar even today.

Oct 27 2017

Can’t believed no one mentioned this baby.

Oct 27 2017

Only now do I think to look up the name of the designer: Joji Nagashima, who also gets credit for for the E36, the E36/7, and E90 as well! Read more

Oct 27 2017

BMW really captured lightning in a bottle with the E39/E46 design. I don’t think there’s another car that seems as modern regardless of its age.