Mar 14 2016

Exactly, I actually love that “woman engineer” quote. Comes from the same episode I mention above. As a woman working closely to the VC / tech world, this show often hits home. In another episode they show a female VC being told to not dress too attractively as she’s turning down a company for funding. It’s obvious Read more

Mar 14 2016

Agreed. Silicon Valley seems less like a mocumentary and more like a fictionalized documentary every day.

Mar 13 2016

Yeah. Keep it private. Because that's exactly how we fix rape culture. It's worked so well this far after all.

Mar 13 2016

“Use whatever tools you have to help cope with assault, by all means, so long as I approve of those tools first and those tools don’t in any way attempt to de-stigmatize rape through open, public discourse.”