Denver Is Stuck In The 90s
11:52 PM

I just got her back up and running. The shop that did the rebuild didnt jump the computer when they timed it so it was constantly adjusting ignition advance, then it wouldn't pass emissions because the coil was going out in the dizzy.  Took 5 mos to figure that one out

3:43 PM

Yes, but I've never found one worth owning while at the same time having the money for it. Im not going from denver to Illinois for that one though

11:32 PM

My mom had one almost identical to that. Hers had the burgundy interior. But hers was a rosewood brown metallic 92 lx sedan. So 4 doors, and no airbags because lx trim. Regardless I can smell that interior from here, I really do miss that car

12:29 AM

Its been a while sinxce I've been on oppo, when did the crazy kanuck go mashuga?  Btw, your hebrew translation is awesome

12:23 AM

My 95 XJ with the 4.0, 231 tcase and an ax15 5 speed. The transmission itself shifted awesome, very smooth and engaging. But that clutch oh my god. First of all the xj chassis was not designed with a clutch pedal in mind. To put the clutch to the floor I had to have my hip up against the door card. and on the 95-96