Aug 6 2019

Who cares about capitalizing and dottin eyes! As long as the message is received. And the message I receive here is Nobody knows the trouble you see or been through til they walk a mile in Your shoes. This is why this Screwed up. F’d up society..I mind my own business. My neighbors yard was looking Read more

Jul 19 2019

You know, Boonie is on to something here. For as Rousseau said in his Discourse on Inequality, “In fact, the real source of all those differences, is that the savage lives within himself, whereas the citizen, constantly beside himself, knows only how to live in the opinion of others.” That is, in “the box” the batter Read more

Jun 28 2019

If Evangelion didn’t make you hate yourself might I recommend the haunting 12 episode Elfen Lied? Read more

Mar 7 2019

Pregnancy is a potential consequence of sex. If a man isn’t prepared to accept that his sexual partner may choose an abortion, he shouldn’t have sex.

Oct 31 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the new University of Maryland football coach.

Oct 26 2018

Wickens called himself a paraplegic, theres nothing wrong with their headline

Sep 15 2018

Picture it: 9th grade and my first high school dance. I was so excited, because this was a new beginning for me after being a very awkward and constantly teased middle-schooler. My new friends and I waltzed into the gym, where the lights were low and the music was loud. We danced to a couple of songs, and then whoever Read more

Sep 11 2018

This is Italian law, not US law. In Italy, if you directly cause someone to die, it’s murder. In this case, it would be considered injury resulting in death, which means you attacked them without intending to kill them, but they died anyway.
Read more

Sep 10 2018

Were it up to me, I’d ban him. From every form of racing, forever. Read more

Sep 10 2018

Yet the Headlamps are not cracked, fogged...or altogether missing.

Sep 8 2018

While this was disturbing, it is refreshing to see a young evangelical lead with his head for a change.

Aug 10 2018

Waking up in ICU with amnesia.

Jul 31 2018

As someone who handled leads going to attorneys across the country for cases that is definitely not true. Read more

Jul 31 2018

I will say, the leaking fluid has helped prevent rust.

Jul 31 2018

You bought a BMW with hidden problems? No you just bought a BMW dude lol. Read more

Jul 27 2018

The whole point of being a darts fan isn’t the darts, but the fans...

Jul 25 2018

Counterpoint: Fuck the Patriots.

Jul 21 2018

But it’s not primarily filled with one race...? Not all black and brown people are a single ethnic group. And like I said, I don’t see one ethnic group holding a majority here, though black developers may be the single largest group. It’s a plurality rather than a majority. Other U.S. game dev conferences often have Read more