1:48 PM

I love how South African Hank Scorpio has all of the markings of the Apartheid dictator era in his company, even down to the theftinspiration” of the company’s name itself. Reports just verify what I already know from people who work there. Dude is a supervillain, straight up.

2:11 PM

He illegally went to an island KNOWING it was illegal and how that island operates and he could die and did it anyway. Let that be a lesson to anyone else who wants to fuck with people who DO NOT WANT TO BE FUCKED WITH.

10:18 PM

I think human beings are complex. I think human beings will say things that they regret, and I think human beings will do things that they aren’t proud of. I think society influences human beings and I think that that influence will often cause other human beings to judge others based on one the one or two actions Read more

3:06 PM

How are we not calling this an icecube?

8:21 PM

A reporter doing his job is publicly called out for hating republicans and abusing his position in the same post where that reporter’s contact information is listed. You have to be pretty dense to not see this an endorsement of harassment. The argument over how private the information really is moot.

2:15 PM

I’m not sure if Jared and Ivanka are aware that the Hyde amendment doesn’t permit federal funds to pay for abortions, and PP also survives on private donations. Read more

10:49 PM

My family was in Germany during the war and their strategy of keeping their heads down and hoping it would pass didn’t work. By 1945 most of the homes and the family business had been bombed into the ground and most of the men had died or disappeared in Russia.
Read more

10:56 AM

I’m beginning to think that there’s something not right about the Osteopathic Department at the MSU medical school. Bears looking into, at the least.  

9:58 AM

That probably plays a role to some degree, but I think the overwhelming factor is “no law firm wants to take on a complete lemon of a client who is clearly guilty, won’t stop publicly digging his hole even deeper, won’t follow his legal team’s advice, is potentially facing serious federal charges and won’t pay them Read more

2:53 PM

Even going back to the 70's and early 80's, the most common type of civilian owned firearms were revolvers with a six bullet capacity and relatively slow reload time and rifles of varying calibre for hunting, usually with either a bolt action which gives one shot before reloading or a five round magazine. Read more