Apr 17 2018

Trade Kawhi. Stockpile some youth, understanding you’ll never get 1:1 value for him, get the $200 million extension as far away from you as you can, and go from there. Evidently, they don’t need him to make the playoffs in the best year for the Western Conference in at least a decade, so get him what he wants, get Read more

Apr 10 2018

Calling in a bomb threat on a train because some lady didn’t want to put up with your drunken antics? That’s a real... loco motive.

Apr 7 2018

Oh please. What sport doesn’t demand concentration? They all have yelling crowds. Teenagers shoot free throws in Cameron Indoor Stadium and a hitters face Aroldis Chapman in October but one guy yelling would ruin Rory’s backswing?

Apr 7 2018

After reading this and the other article about the dumb beer ad phrase, I’m really wondering how these golfers function. Like I get it, you need to concentrate and focus when swinging and it’s intense. But aren’t you able to to block out the crowds words? I know the crowd is so close, but are you that unfocused enough Read more

Apr 7 2018

I’m just trying to figure out what kind of personality it takes to want to be a marshal at the Masters. The algorithm has to be something like 1.5(really wanted to be a cop, but family worth too much money) + 1.2(plays golf, but mediocre) +2.7(SOUTHERN)+ 3.6(get off my lawn) + 1.7(in my day). Read more

Mar 27 2018

That word has only one purpose, which is to degrade. If it cannot be used by everyone (shouldn’t by anyone, in my view), then it’s meaning hasn’t changed. You cannot co-opt a slur; it’s never benign. Read more

Mar 27 2018

People don’t own words, that’s just not how it works.

Mar 23 2018

It’s good to see the Kings recognize our right to assemble, even if it’s 250 years late.

Mar 13 2018

This was not how I imagined a Republican would get caught up in a pegging scandal

Mar 12 2018

Did he have to wear a cone to stop from messing with the stitches?

Aug 8 2017

Yeah, why can’t people just be mindless chuds slurping down whatever nostalgia-tinged glop gets shoved in front of them?