Southwest Nomad
Jan 17

The NYT, and these parents, need to mind their own fucking business. Whenever I hear parents talking about how their kids need to play less games or spend less time on the computer, THIS is what I think of:

Jul 12

Granted, I quickly grew tired of the original AC game and never finished it because it felt so repetitive, but I checked out of the series completely after, like, the 10th Ezio game. Haven’t played an AC game since. 

Jul 5

Well said. There’s also a push to use terminology like “died by/from” instead of “committed” because the latter minimizes the fact that depression is a disease that the person rarely has any actual control over. Read more

May 18

The ad says that’s an emissions error which will be solved by the replacement of the gas cap. Read more

Aug 9 2019

Let me offer the perspective of someone who went there two years ago, about a week after the first article was published, in the effort to buy his grey 16v scirocco:

I called him wednesday that week to ask if he still had it. he said he did. we negotiated a price of $800 and i told him I would be there between 1-2pm on Read more

Jul 5 2019

My City cited me for having their City-issued rolling trashcan visible from the street, because it was located 3 feet in front of the house ‘front-plane wall’, with City Code Officer saying “Trashcan is NOT to be visible from the street”

Oct 26 2018

there are countries that don’t turn right on red, and then there are countries that have been on the moon

Oct 16 2018

meanwhile back to our headline pseudo journalist sensitive libtard snowflake jack crosbie panics at sight of firearms says it offends him. Read more

Oct 5 2018

You could just obey the law, and be polite and respectful to the cops, and skip all this nonsense. Read more

Oct 5 2018

Or dont do illegal stuff and the cops have no reason to look at you. Cops are lazy, they dont want to interact with you as much as you dont want to interact with them. But their job is to POLICE the law. So dont break the law or make it look as IF you are breaking the law and you will be FINE.