Of course they sent her to a psych eval, she was trying to infringe on a white man’s god give right to murder-suicide! Read more

There is no such thing as ethical consumption in a food chain.  Read more

Some people on the intertubes seem to be very sensitive about the ethical treatment of imaginary alien species. Read more

Honestly, I’d watch this show if it wasn’t for the fact that Gina Carano is a TERF. Read more

and her species is facing extinction, so their entire future might hinge on these eggs.” Read more

Another commenter pointed out, that this is by her own definition - that “people who menstruate” are equated with “women” but she has likely hit menopause.  Meaning that by her own conclusion, she’s not a woman. Read more

(Can’t tell if you actually don’t get the point or not. But in case not:) Read more

I’m sorry I ever gave this TERF shit for brains any of my money. Read more

it’s also important to remember that harry potter was never good Read more

That’s um....exactly the point? He’s trying to desperately be Vader 2.0 but he’s just not. His anger is completely out of control because he’s trying to overcompensate for the fact that he’s just kind of a loser.  Read more

TBH - I think she lost her husband a long time ago. Read more

Wow, you’re just so controversial! Read more

I loved Matt the Radar technician, but this sequel seemed to be a “check off the box” skit that the audience expected, with nothing new to add. The show was full of funnier skits.
Read more

Are you new here? Most of us would be totally ok with that.  Read more

Stick to pantyliners” -Spanfeller Read more

SNL would be better if they fired the entire cast and replaced them with only adam driver Read more

The scene is phenomenal but that video ruined it with the constant zooming and distracting captions. Like, hey internet people, don’t mess with perfection, you can’t possibly improve it. Read more

Ditto. The beginning of season two when he’s desperately resetting things again and again only to have Eleanor (or Jason, JASON? yeah, this one hurts) figure it out is some of the hardest I’ve ever laughed at my TV. Read more

The return of the Thin White Duke, throwing darts in lover's eyes. Read more