Sep 2 2019

Well, this very classy goal in the Bundesliga is one thing, but I just don’t think we can ignore the importance of Jozy’s hold-up play.”-a weirdly large segment of American soccer media and probably the USMNT coaching staff.

Aug 17 2019

Every time a Deadspin take insinuates than Man City was somehow screwed by a ticky tack VAR decision in the UCL, I’ll be here to stridently disagree. Kun was clearly offside and the ball only went to him because Bernardo significantly deflected Eriksen’s ill advised pass. Today was entirely different. VAR was Read more

Jul 21 2019

Szczęsny, you can get out of Arsenal but never get the Arsenal out of you. 

Apr 30 2019

Kieran Trippier should never be allowed in a high pressure game ever again.

Apr 13 2019

After the game, he decided to celebrate the moment with his adorable son on the pitch.

Apr 9 2019

Son was on fire the last time Kane and Alli were out...they're gonna win the UCL now, ffs....

Feb 13 2019

I am still absolutely buzzing. The boys pulled this off, WITH EMPHASIS!, without Kane or Dele. Holy shit. Read more

Jan 30 2019

This is my first year rooting for Tottenham. As an American Mets and Jets fan I have a true understanding of decades-long incompetence and failure. I basically quit the NFL and started following the EPL this year because I have a 3 year old boy and I can’t morally sanction raising him to care about American football Read more

Jan 22 2019

“Spurs have been no model of consistency” is such a lazy-ass troll take.

Jan 9 2019

When the line judge raised his flag to call Kane offside, that should’ve been the end of the play. Read more

Nov 27 2018

While I certainly can’t speak for all Jews, I understand where the frustration is coming from. In many groups like this, if you openly identify as Jewish then you’d better be prepared to pass a litmus test on Palestine before anything else. The Chicago Dyke March was neither the first nor the last to do this and Read more

Oct 11 2018

That’s the joke. It’s not a good joke, but it’s Haisley, so what do you expect?