Jan 8

Can i just point out how they had to come up with such a convoluted way to ban him, even though he has done far worse on twitter. I mean just look at these words: being interpreted as further indication that...”
We almost went into Nuclear War because he was bored a 2 in the morning!
Use that!

Jan 8

Watching some people on social media complaining about big tech and young tech billionaires while they’re on social media platforms kind of defeats your protest. Get off social media if you think it’s such a problem. 

Oct 23

The thing is, the longer it takes them to get that money, the more damage they do to the economy. I remember reading that Wall Street factored in the second stimulus months ago and holding it up only increases the chance of shit happening. Read more

Oct 2

I’m sure all our thoughts and prayers are with the coronavirus at this diffcult time.

Aug 5

To the troll Lizardo: no one cares what you think, here, or in real life. You are not worthy of love in your current form, and therefore no one really loves you. You know it’s true. No one loves you. You’re nothing.
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Jun 15

Well, they needed something to replace the Confederate flag with, so there it is.

May 19

That’s not the easiest part to recast. Ruby Rose was a pretty darn good fit. Jacqueline Toboni’s agent should start making some calls. 

May 14

Barr is the one who would have had to approve of this investigation in the first place. Dollars to doughnuts Mitch McConnell is looking to knock him out of that Committee role so he can be replaced with someone even more likely to toe the party line. I can’t remember where I read it, but this has something to do with Read more