Did anyone else spend a lot of time trying to figure out if this was iambic pentameter or a sonnet or...what? It has a similar metrical line as "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water," but I cannot for the life of me figure out what that's called. Read more

I've been with and had crazy amazing sex with two men who've had genital herpes, but I've never contracted it myself. In both cases, they were infected as teenagers and diagnosed by family practice doctors who shamed them for their diagnosis, told them that if they ever wished to have children "adoption is mandatory," Read more

the dresses have substantial differences, and blair's is a lot better—the gathered waistline under the jewels, starburst effect, the color. but eeeesh to her hair. Read more

@Mary Ratliff: Stephany Meyer definitely got the memo on this. Bella has no discernible flaws (or um, personality) besides the fact that she hurts herself, like, 3 times in the series and is therefore a loveable, flustered anti-heroine. Read more

@cessenpr: it just made me deeply, deeply grateful that youtube-ing yourself wasn't A Thing when I was her age (though just barely—it was founded 5 years ago, if you can believe it.) Especially the scenes where she's clearly holding her macbook over her head to get that sexy singing-to-the-ceiling angle. I am sure I Read more

@AristotlesCrab: I have a family member with a major mental illness and am an advocate for her rights—so, yknow, you just got hearted. Read more

@paddlepickle: besides what's already been mentioned, they're way more discrete—you can fit them in the pocket of a pair of tight-fitting jeans without notice, and they don't make that tell tale plastic scritch-scritch sound as you walk like the small ones with the snap-out applicators and a wrapper. and they're a bit Read more

@Ovr_9k: I'm not a boy and I don't do dating sites, but you are a gorgeous woman and if either of the former were true, I'd be "sup"ing you so hard. Read more

I don't think this post mentions anywhere just how long this diet has been advertised by the company. I'm 23, and I distinctly remember measuring out my 2/3 cup special-k-and-dehydrated-strawberries "meal" for dinner every day as a severely eating-disordered 13 year old. The author of this post didn't go so far as to Read more

...can we also talk about her extremely covetable coat? Read more

don't wear tights and a dress if it's at all avoidable. Let's just say that the possibility for pulling said tights up OVER the back of your dress after peeing is exponentially increased with the number of shots you take. Read more

@SonicNurse: I thought it was in poor taste too. Maybe in context it's more playful? or something? Ugh. Read more

@Helen Valentine: oh my god you just created a new irrational death-scenario fear. add it to "dying when the treadmill suddenly stops due to a power outage," "dying by tripping over my dog in a dark room (and then my dog eats me)" and "dying in my sleep of natural causes, but I left my hitachi on the nightstand and Read more

@empressdb: my mom is too and I had the same thoughts exactly. Even if she's not (I'm not her doctor), her behavior really does mirror the whole overblown villifying/deifying thing that people with this condition do. I'm really saddened that she hasn't gotten help and is having to deal with the consequences of what Read more

@Phileas Fogg: Okay, few things: Read more

@JerseyGrrrl: Uh. Have you read James Franco's indisputably terrible writing? And can he really be said to "study literature" when he's actually enrolled in about a zillion grad programs simultaenously, filming a zillion movies and maintaining a cultivated image as some sort of ultra-savant? Just being enrolled in an Read more

@haus_frau: AND blood meridian. He really picked the single two books in the English language that I adore utterly and consider totally unfilmable. Read more

Augh this makes me want to call my dad, boyfriend and best friend immediately and tell them how amazing they are. Which, I suppose, means mission accomplished. Read more

I just read a bunch of their website, and these girls do seem to be really smart, sensitive, passionate christians who have a certain view of what their religion demands for them and have elected to embrace that. Which, okay, more power to them. But it's laced with passages like this, from a post about what to do if Read more