So now that the show is almost over, I still don’t really understand most of the characters’ motivations overall or in the moment-to-moment action. Read more

On the bright side, we went from two to three actors who decided to show up and act this week; Baylan, Shin and Mon. Everyone else is just there, not to interested in being there at that, hitting their marks and reciting their lines to get it over with. Read more

I feel like I really need to give a shout-out to Esfandi for how absolutely dead on he’s got Ezra here? Clearly outnumbered and about to be gunned down with some sith in front of a bunch of night-troopers... Ez pulls out the old favorite. LET’S SEE IF WE CAN BULLSHIT OUR WAY OUT OF THIS!

Hondo: “Oh, my dear friend. Read more

This smells like one of those “it happened to one lady in a random PA town so that local police department is warning everyone nationwide...” type of things, like the whole “gangs flash their brights at people and commit violence as part of gang initiation” thing that was going around the internet for a long time.

Some Read more

You don’t need NFTs or blockchain to run a closed market for skins or whatever.  Read more

A good and expected result.  Now can we never talk about them again? Read more

No wonder the other Imperials tried to cut him off -- he was threatening their pledges of year-after-year growth to Palpatine! Read more

His projects come in on-time and under-budget, and he addresses his invoices in a timely fashion. He’s a fucking monster.
Read more

He’s polite to contractors! His troops trust him! He must be stopped!  Read more

After sleeping on it, I’m still amused that the biggest threat in this universe is a competent regional manager.  Read more

It’s interesting that Huyang and Morgan comment on what a bad idea/what little sense Sabine’s choice made. It feels like the writers just needed something to happen (Sabine’s dumb choice), couldn’t come up with anything better, turned in the scripts, and then just wrote into the next script that it doesn’t make sense Read more

Another argument for concealed carry (with mandatory training of course). Read more

Imagine being such an idiot that a person would conflate pulling someone over for expired tags with a person stopping in a traffic lane to get out and hit another person’s car, as though those 2 circumstances are at all related. Read more

It’s crazy how Sabine has basically failed at every task she’s had, yet she’s still somehow not faced any consequences of her actions. Read more

Dumb prediction time:
The reason the map burnt Ahsoka’s hand was so they could Indiana Jones their way to Ezra. I mean come on. It’s a map room where an orange beam shoots out of the thing and shows the way... As long as Ahsoka remembers to take back one kadam to honor the force or whatever. It’s the burn the map into Read more

I’m like...half and half on Ahsoka.

Like, it’s good...it is GOOD....but there are couple of thing about it that are really rubbing me the wrong way.

The writing is so, so, SO dry, and I can’t figure out why. Characters in this show don’t talk TO each other, everyone talks AT each other. It’s all so weirdly formal in a Read more

Why are you referring to the actors by their first names and not including their last names, do you know them personally? Also, why are you switching between their first names (only) and the character names? Read more

Another day, another so-called right wing intellectual being wildly offensive, inconsistent and hypocritical in a single sentence. Read more

really disliked this episode despite all the fun visuals... 1) if Hera had just told the council members a giant warp core (5) were made/stolen/fired on her they likely would have decided differently. 2) let’s just keep flying into blaster fire with our shields dwindling away, we’ll be fine... oh wait. 3) I’m with Read more

Does no-one on these websites proof read ANYTHING anymore? Every article has at least one glaring grammar mistake. Read more