Sep 6 2017

Hi guys, FCA engineer here. This is actually the hinge for the Windshield Wiper Maintenance Access Panel. It flips up to provide access to your wiper motors. Sorry to burst your bubble!

Sep 6 2017

The hinged windshield could be great for those rugged excursions to soccer practice. Tilt it forward for an unobstructed view of Madison and Jacob out there on the field as you sit in car and sip your latte, avoiding that other mom who is constantly on your ass because you bought non-organic postgame treats when it Read more

Sep 5 2017

Well, the article says the Kia was pulling out of the spot, so close enough.

Aug 28 2017

Hey now, that screenshot is actually showing the truck driver stopping a teenage reckless driver/car thief running from the cops in the Veloster who was tearing through a neighborhood and parks with kids around.

Aug 24 2017

When and where did he go? last i remember he got a lift at his house and then BOOM he’s gone.

Aug 21 2017

I’d like to imagine the driver of this early T-top’d MR2 is listening to something like the Boston Legal theme song.

Aug 17 2017

This. Yes. This very car. I would rather have one of these in the Turbo variant. These are so much cooler than the “ugh” circle jerk MK4 Supras.

Aug 14 2017

That’s why you always use a convertible for your mobile BBQ needs. Better ventilation.

Aug 10 2017

Can I just point out that none of the states closest to North Korea (except Alaska, but nobody’s going to bomb Alaska) voted for Trump? Why can’t he pick a fight with an enemy off the Eastern seaboard so that at least he’s in the kill zone Read more