Imagine if he said Zach LaVine. Read more

White guys: Hillary Clinton sucked, that’s why we lost. Read more

We saw the OPPOSITE happen, which was: everybody shut up except for groups XY and Z. Read more

Media Matters compiled research over the course of the election and noted that the coverage of the emails more than doubled the coverage of policy on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC. Read more

Well, we know that his takes will be wide-left. Read more

Yes, I want a doctor to operate on me who has no medical experience. Awesome! Read more

He wants to vastly expand the size of the military, but he also wants to close down foreign bases. Where the hell is he going to put them all? Read more

It really appears as though the media voluntarily backed down, long ago...which is one reason why we’re even looking at this dictator. There are good people who voted for him as a “successful honest businessman” versus “Crooked Hillary”. There should have been extensive media coverage on all the existing reports that Read more

Trump has promised to unlock $50 billion a year by killing 2013’s federal budget sequestration, but the rest of the increase would have to come through taxed economic growth or other federal programs—or both. In the latter case, he’ll have to sell two arguments—why defense spending needs to be increased, and why it Read more

Compare the Russian naval fleet to the U.S. naval fleet and get back to me. Read more

As long as they don’t get captured… Read more

Yeah, he’s a weird scapegoat in this saga. Flash back a week and a half ago and there were people all over the internet (including on this family of websites) writing pieces about how he was being way too bullish about Trump’s chances. Now, we’re blaming him for not being bullish enough... Read more

Not sure why he needs to explain himself with respect to the general election. He gave trump the best shot out of anyone, and was constantly ringing the bell that the contest was far from over. Read more

Nate Silver’s model was the only one which gave Trump a good chance of winning. Take it up with the Huffington Post and Sam Wang; they gave Clinton close to a 99% chance of winning.... Read more

I wouldn’t think it’s a hot take. But nowadays, just about any opinion on anything will be regarded as a hot take by someone, so I just beat those people to the punch. Read more

When executed correctly, it looks like this. This is the correct amount of weight regardless of size, strength, or experience level.

Physical activity of some kind is important to stay healthy, a large number of people now have jobs which dictate that they have to spend a huge part of their day NOT being physically active, so we need to squeeze it in somewhere. Also, some people have specific physical goals which are best achieved through specific Read more