Canyoncliffs shifts the demand curve to the right

Apple, for the love of god, please let me edit my spell check dictionary. My phone still suggests the accidentally misspelled name of my city because I once fat fingered “add to dictionary”. Read more

Move over R2. Chopper is about to become an icon for a new generation. Read more

Questions that didn’t get asked: What microbiology did the alien lifeform bring to the planet? Are the alien lifeforms similar enough to humans that we need to be concerned about extraterrestrial infectious disease (a la smallpox European settlers introduced to indigenous populations). Read more

This isn’t a surprising finding. Pre-nuke steel is a valuable commodity in medical sensors. Read more

The Secret Service revealed it was found in the cubbies where visitors store personal items not allowed in the tour areas. Odds are some DC tourist is missing their 8 ball, and It will be hilarious when we find out it was someone who got tour tickets from their republican congressman. Read more

At my last job, the index fund somehow had a 3% expense ratio. Absolute highway robbery. Read more

Good debt increases future opportunities. Bad debt limits future opportunities. 
Read more

I only clicked on the story to check for that inclusion in the list. Read more

Not Utah, but Utah adjacent. Mesquite, Nevada, holds the world record for the longest, non-union picket. In the ‘90s, a porn shop opened in town, prompting protests and a 24-hour picket for over a year. Protestors videoed and recorded plate numbers of anyone who visited. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1994- Read more

Mario is the first “family” theatrical movie released since before Thanksgiving last year. It was mind boggling that there weren’t any animated movies releases in last year’s holiday lineup. As a parent, sometimes you just want a safe movie to take the kids to. It’s been over six months since that market has been Read more

I was doing some graphic design for a MLM nutrition company around that timeframe. We were spending big bucks on studio photography for product photos every month so my proposal to buy some studio lights and a successor to the Nikon CoolPix was an easy approval. For a shop like ours, the change was revolutionary. Read more

Just learn to play older games. You’ll be impressed at how well your mid-range modern PC plays the most demanding games of 5-10 years ago. Read more

I’ll trade you two weeps for a sheep. :( Read more

So should I send them an email asking what emoji would staff use to describe Elon’s management skills? Read more

That’s some commitment to viral marketing. Read more

That’s becoming less common. Modern lines now run on fiber ONTs instead of a single low voltage copper pair all the way from your home to the phone company office switch. Read more

You can make phone calls from an amazon Alexa device. Once we figured that out, the home phone was gone. Read more

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame wrote about systems instead of goals. A good diet is a system that allows you make better dining choices instead of a goal that you need to punish yourself to achieve. Read more

Photoshop’s whole toolbar is based on real life darkroom tools kids will never see or use in real life. Concepts like idioms are like how space shuttle solid rocket boosters trace their size requirements to Roman Chariots (https://dwanethomas.com/roman-chariots-and-the-space-shuttle/) Read more

I’m really surprised you didn’t mention interest paid on a HELOC may be tax deductible if the expenses were used to improve of repair the home. Just don’t use the HELOC to fund a vacation or toys unrelated to the home. Read more