Mar 1 2014

Hey, I liked the Casual Vacancy. A lot. I didn't read it obsessively like I did with the Harry Potter books, but it was a hell of a lot better than most contemporary adult fiction.

Feb 12 2014

Would be interesting if they did it as an anthology series, each season focusing on a couple of the original characters, while introducing new characters. Read more

Feb 10 2014

I've loathed this from the beginning. How can you call something Vampire Academy and it not be about a night school class in the 1940's to teach people to be Bela Lugosi impersonators, where all the students turn out to be actual vampires trying to cash in on Dracula.

Feb 7 2014

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell gives us the Napoleonic War plus fairies, and the result is pretty great.

Feb 5 2014

No, I feel the same way. I'm not sure when the default means of information delivery on the web started sliding towards "make a video of something that people could just as well read for themselves. probably faster and without having to mute or pause other information streams," but I'm really unhappy about it. Read more

Feb 4 2014

You are talking like these new buildings are for people to live in.

Feb 4 2014

Agreed. Community is what I watch when I need a pick-me-up; Big Bang is what I watch when I need a reality check. I'm so sick of these two fandoms being mutually exclusive.

Feb 4 2014

Okay, I'll be the one who actually likes this. It's becoming a distinctly London style that will feel iconic by the time it's all done, and I'm a fan of the new modern architecture going up around the globe.

Feb 3 2014

Galaxy Quest (1999): The heroes would have been killed without the geeks' help...

Feb 3 2014

Because Geeks are forbidden from being made fun of?

Feb 3 2014

Seriously. I am all four of those men, and my wife is all four of those women. Geeks judge other geeks all the time; getting it right isn't about pretending all Geeks are happy and harmonious, because they are not. And if anyone bothers watching seasons 4-7, they'd know that the show has given us more than a little