Mar 2 2014

Mine is called Not The Wifi You're Looking For.
For some reason my box generates another signal too (different frequency? I don't know) so this one is called Move Along Now.
The passwords are as obvious as you'd expect. I like the idea of rewarding a fellow geek with some free wifi...

Mar 1 2014

Hey, I liked the Casual Vacancy. A lot. I didn't read it obsessively like I did with the Harry Potter books, but it was a hell of a lot better than most contemporary adult fiction.

Feb 28 2014

I did my best at watching the video and reading the incomprehensible comments. They both made me mad, but, to be fair, I've been that way for a while now.

Feb 28 2014

It always goes down like that too. I swear to god, if they don't make this truly usable again, somebody will undoubtedly create a browser extension to subvert the oppressor's machine. It is weird to constantly feel like you are part of an insurgency against the design of a fucking commenting system.

Feb 25 2014

Great article. I love Community, and I never really understood The Big Bang Theory. I've seen some episodes to see what it was all about, and I couldn't find it funny nor could I relate to it. I have friends who watch TBBT, but refuse to watch Community. They haven't seen a single episode. Why??? Kickpuncher. Read more

Feb 15 2014

Absolutely agree. One of my favourite instances of this is in the film version of American Psycho. At first look it seems that the important question is: Did he really brutally murder that guy (and many others), or did he just fantasise the killings? But then you get to the more interesting question: what difference Read more

Feb 12 2014

Would be interesting if they did it as an anthology series, each season focusing on a couple of the original characters, while introducing new characters. Read more

Feb 12 2014

In a way, I think it's all deliberate—I don't think you accidentally end up with this many people of color/various ethnicities represented so early in a show set in frigging New England—including a specific and deliberate political message, just not the usual kind. I think it's not a lack of seriousness, but a Read more

Feb 10 2014

I've loathed this from the beginning. How can you call something Vampire Academy and it not be about a night school class in the 1940's to teach people to be Bela Lugosi impersonators, where all the students turn out to be actual vampires trying to cash in on Dracula.

Feb 7 2014

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell gives us the Napoleonic War plus fairies, and the result is pretty great.

Feb 6 2014

I make light of it a lot (my clone does the hard work for me!) but this is absolutely reality for me. It's like, I'm not even a parent to a baby yet, and here are all these young adults, and I don't know the first thing about them. Or about teaching them. And it hasn't even been that long since I was one of them. Read more