3:07 PM

Mine is called Not The Wifi You're Looking For.
For some reason my box generates another signal too (different frequency? I don't know) so this one is called Move Along Now.
The passwords are as obvious as you'd expect. I like the idea of rewarding a fellow geek with some free wifi...

4:49 PM

Hey, I liked the Casual Vacancy. A lot. I didn't read it obsessively like I did with the Harry Potter books, but it was a hell of a lot better than most contemporary adult fiction.

10:54 PM

I did my best at watching the video and reading the incomprehensible comments. They both made me mad, but, to be fair, I've been that way for a while now.

1:47 AM

It always goes down like that too. I swear to god, if they don't make this truly usable again, somebody will undoubtedly create a browser extension to subvert the oppressor's machine. It is weird to constantly feel like you are part of an insurgency against the design of a fucking commenting system.

1:42 PM

Great article. I love Community, and I never really understood The Big Bang Theory. I've seen some episodes to see what it was all about, and I couldn't find it funny nor could I relate to it. I have friends who watch TBBT, but refuse to watch Community. They haven't seen a single episode. Why??? Kickpuncher. Read more

5:55 PM

Absolutely agree. One of my favourite instances of this is in the film version of American Psycho. At first look it seems that the important question is: Did he really brutally murder that guy (and many others), or did he just fantasise the killings? But then you get to the more interesting question: what difference Read more

7:55 PM

Would be interesting if they did it as an anthology series, each season focusing on a couple of the original characters, while introducing new characters. Read more

12:24 AM

In a way, I think it's all deliberate—I don't think you accidentally end up with this many people of color/various ethnicities represented so early in a show set in frigging New England—including a specific and deliberate political message, just not the usual kind. I think it's not a lack of seriousness, but a Read more

1:40 PM

I've loathed this from the beginning. How can you call something Vampire Academy and it not be about a night school class in the 1940's to teach people to be Bela Lugosi impersonators, where all the students turn out to be actual vampires trying to cash in on Dracula.

8:25 PM

My psych study: beautiful statistical manipulations

3:36 PM

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell gives us the Napoleonic War plus fairies, and the result is pretty great.

4:42 PM

I make light of it a lot (my clone does the hard work for me!) but this is absolutely reality for me. It's like, I'm not even a parent to a baby yet, and here are all these young adults, and I don't know the first thing about them. Or about teaching them. And it hasn't even been that long since I was one of them. Read more