Feb 2 2014

We use an old Volkswagen Rabbit pickup for our fuel truck at the hangar and a Nissan Frontier for a myriad of DIY projects (auto parts, large tools, building supplies) and commuting. Read more

Jan 17 2014

Dust to Glory, on both Netflix and YouTube. Without it I would have never become involved with desert and rally racing. I saw this movie and immediately said "I need to do this." Bought a Ranger and began chasing the dream of being a desert racer. The six years and 2,000 dirt miles since then have without a doubt been

Nov 10 2013

I guess when you're not getting paid andSebastian Vettel's already won the championship and you're driving for Ferrari next year and I hear they pay so it's like, whatever, already, at this point, the season-ending-back-surgery-thing starts to make a lot more sense. Read more

Oct 7 2013

So, the beating was going to continue and extend to the spouse. Let's hear more about how my concept of carrying a gun and shooting the fuckers is "bad" ... Only ~250 some odd favorites for the "Shoot 'em" comment on the previous article so far ...

Oct 6 2013

The controversial part of this whole arrangement is that a conflict of interest arises when one team that repeatedly wins championships seems to be backed by the race organization itself. It would be the equivalent of Bernie Ecclestone continuously feeding funds into Red Bull Racing in Formula One. Read more

Aug 29 2013

So explain to me how the sender is at all responsible for the actions of the recipient How is a sender in control of what the driver does? How is a sender FORCING the driver the answer? Hint: they are not. Read more

Aug 20 2013

It's worth noting as well that they tested all the downforce packages. One potential solution includes using the Le Mans low downforce package on the P2s, which wouldn't be a big change at all (and might actually make the US the best place to prepare for Le Mans, since the ACO otherwise prohibits that trim from being Read more

Aug 19 2013

Where the fuck do you live 1950's Mississippi? I'm totally taking my pasty white ass home and am going to bend my Filipino/Spanish fiance over and make sweet, sweet love to her in those inbred fuckwits honour.

Aug 19 2013

Sand the whole area (including that dent) until there are no more paint chips and there's a smooth transition from paint to bare metal. Then mask off a surrounding area, spray some rust-proof primer, and then if you have paint to match, spray that and clear. That'd be my suggestion.