Nov 6

I agree! I'm thinking that 22 heads of garlic is a bit much (going by our usual number of people). I really don't need to experience the after effects of feeding that much garlic to people.

Feb 27 2019

I don’t understand people either. I’ve never felt compelled to ask to touch someone’s hair (or do it without asking) or for them to explain anything about their culture or religion or anything else. I figure we all have different stories and if they want to share theirs with me then they can. But I'm not about to ask Read more

Feb 22 2019

I tried to play Guild Wars 2 and just couldn’t. The only game I really wanted to play was City of Heroes, I miss that game. I think my character was named Sericea because I couldn’t come up with a good superhero name. LOL

Jan 30 2019

People don’t cheer on the owners of franchises, do they? They are all predatory billionaires who didn’t make their money being nice to people. NFL fans and sports fans in general have to ignore the fact that the teams are owned by aholes.

Sep 11 2018

If you can suspend your disbelief and accept the concept of a Spider-Man in a game depicting a fictional New York then why can’t you imagine cops who don’t oppress the citizens?

Aug 3 2018

I understand how you feel and I haven’t played in a year. I started out playing a Nelf with my wife and it is a source of nostalgia for us both. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to devote to the game anymore as parents to a young kid. Not sure I want to come back and see my virtual home has been destroyed by the Read more