4:39 AM

I’m tired of hearing from y’all about how “boring” Biden is. You had the deepest, most diverse, most progressive primary field in history, and still chose a 78 year old white man who literally had a heart attack on the campaign trail while tearing down every other young candidate.
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6:25 PM

Hopefully he doesn’t spend a lot of valuable time and resources winning over a demographic that, regardless of what they claim in comment sections, or on Twitter ... barely votes, if at all.

10:45 AM

I don’t know. We seem to be bending over backwards to find reasons why we should believe Tara Reade. Mostly centered on “believe women,” a concept I support. And I know that there’s a lot about how “real victims” behave and how damaging that is—so we shouldn’t factor in her character, which is that she’s a lifelong Read more

10:38 AM

The Politico article could have been written about my sister. She did exactly the kinds of things attributed to Tara Reade. She was always in financial trouble, always asking for help, and more than willing to walk away and leave others holding the bag. She made up detailed stories about her life — like how she had to Read more

10:18 AM

I’m not sure this article really tracks with what Politico was doing. To go public with a sexual assault case against a powerful individual requires one of two things: evidence, or a leap of faith on behalf of the public. Read more

10:11 AM

The “aggrieved acquaintances” were but a handful of former landlords. The damning behavior behind the trumpeted claim of dishonesty and wrongdoing? Reade allegedly struggled to pay her rent, and sometimes she pleaded for her landlords’ sympathy. Read more

10:08 AM

As an enormous Star Wars fan that devoured every piece of content that existed for 10 years, the “what they grow beyond” talk might be my favorite sequence in the entire series. It was magnificent, even more so considering where Luke was at and what it did for him.

9:51 AM

“Never having struggled, never having been dishonest, and never having spoken positively of an alleged abuser.” Read more

9:57 PM

TLJ was *all about* the triumph of the human spirit. It deeply rejected cynicism, and depicted that everyone can change the world, no matter what their origins, and that hope and the future and power can come from something as small as a small slave child telling a story.

8:26 PM

Covid Karens are the modern day Typhoid Mary

5:43 PM

Agreed about making it a four-parter. They shouldn’t have had to if they realized that JJ was not the right person to bring it home, but TRoS was basically two mediocre movies poorly edited into one. I’d be fine with a “Part 1" and “Part 2.” 

5:38 PM

The Last Jedi was a great movie made worse by the turd that the TRoS. Finn’s exposure to the gray areas of galactic arms-trading and the idea that a worker’s political revolution is needed to end the endless conflict? THROWN IN THE TRASH. The idea that Luke Skywalker sacrificed himself to inspire the Galaxy with his Read more

4:13 PM

Now that the whole sequel trilogy is out, along with a couple of anthology movies, it’s clear that The Last Jedi is the one film in the Disney era that most truly matches Lucas’s intent and vision for what Star Wars actually means.

3:00 PM

Remember the episode of Voyager when they go all the way back to the distant past of 1996? When the crew where hanging around with a young Sarah Silverman and fighting an evil techbro Ed Begley Jr for the secret of time travel in 90s Los Angeles. It struck me as funny that canonically in the 1990s the Eugenics wars Read more