Jul 28 2015

“highly impressed with the level of detail, thought, planning and execution” of Exponent’s work Read more

Jul 21 2015

You are right. A bunch of fascists are the reason that the state of Israel even exists. I don’t think the creation of an exceptionally powerful Jewish state was the final solution they had originally envisioned, though.

Jun 19 2015

I’m a short guy and when I was a teenager I was like this. I matured though of course! But I think it’s like, you feel insecure about your height as a guy. Since everyone always reminds you of it and makes such a big deal out of it. So you feel like you can’t be shorter than the women you date or something idk. I Read more

Jun 19 2015

I was in eighth grade and mister king of junior high says to me “I know who you are you’re like the most popular girl of all the like unpopular people.” Read more

Jun 9 2015

This cover is fantastic, but it is also somewhat sad to me. Just enjoy the fucking moment.

Jun 7 2015

You say “absurd difficulty”, I say “doesn’t coddle the weak”.

Jun 5 2015

A Cleveland fan calling out bandwagoners? MY SIDES HAVE IMPLODED

Jun 5 2015

Tell me more about my fragile knees holding you back Bronny.

Jun 5 2015

Why didn’t you write a full recap of the game with that team I follow?