Dec 25 2017

Jason, I’m curious. Does Bungie/Activision ever give you any shit for posting stuff like this, like demands to take it down, etc? If so, are you compelled to comply?

Jul 3 2017

That was fun. The only way it could have been funner was instead of a desert, it was some kind of bog or swamp, and instead of bb8 it was r2, and instead of Rey, it was her dad. Oh, wait. Never-mind. That was fun.

May 25 2017

Having played enough battlefront, I get killed more when I crash into a giant turbolaser right in the middle of the battlefield than I ever get hit by a laser from it.

May 18 2017

I preordered the triple LP on relapse yesterday. I’m an absolute sucker for integrity. MICHA!

May 16 2017

Jar Jar Binks wakes up in his bedroom, turns to Suzanne Pleshette and says, “You-sa wont be believin’ the crazy dream meesa just had!”

May 13 2017

[They’ve already been zombies for 50 years]

Apr 25 2017

What really did it for me was the Star Wars main theme blaring at each reveal moment. Read more

Apr 24 2017

Yep, half the core staff seemed to have quit on the way up to or after Destiny. The studio is a sad husk of what it was at one point, with what seems to have been one or two not so amicable departings at the time.

Apr 20 2017

2nd picture almost looks like Fassbender.

Apr 17 2017

At first I wasn’t very fond of the Rogue One soundtrack. I enjoyed the nods to John Williams but the original music seemed hokey and un-Star Wars like, especially the theme that plays when the two Star Destroyers collide into each other. It sounds cheesy like a score from an 80's movies called, Space Pirates. I’ve Read more

Mar 5 2017

I’m thrilled to hear this, since literally the only two good things about BvS were Wonder Woman and her theme song.

Feb 17 2017

I mean, even if she did get scammed, I doubt she cared very much. She was spending the money to make you happy, not to get rare cards. As long as the cards made you happy, I’m sure she figures she got her money’s worth. Read more