May 29

I’m pretty sure Panjabi’s departure had to do with beef between her and Julianna Margulies (moreso on Margulies’ ego than anything else).

I still can’t believe they couldn’t bury the hatchet and actually film their final scene physically together...it was painfully obvious in the edit.

Mar 15

This. I’m tired of the Mouse pretending like Song of the South didn’t happen just because they’re afraid of sullying their brand. Read more

Jan 16

*Voyager* was my first experience of *Trek* and I will always love it for that, uneven as it was. While *DS9* will always be the king of *Trek,* at least in my eyes, no one has ever managed to topple Kathryn Motherfuckin Janeway from her rightful place atop the captains’ throne - not Sisko, not Picard, not Kirk, not Read more

Jan 1

I was going to bring this up as well. No discussion of either Vasalgel or RISUG seems like a huge oversight here.

Sep 22 2018

This is my take as well. I love both films for different reasons: Iron Man is pure, unadulterated fun; The Dark Knight is everything that my noir, BTAS-loving heart could’ve wanted; both have good filmmaking at their core. Read more

Sep 20 2018

On /r/DestinyTheGame a Bungie employee (I think it was dmg04) said that Sandbox would probably look at tuning aim assist instead of tweaking weapon damage (which I think is a fair compromise).

Aug 22 2018

*prays that this season does not include the usual, wholly-unnecessary scene/plot point of sexual violence*

Jul 20 2018

IIRC, in Japanese culture the number 4 is associated with death, so this is a way of getting around that.

Jul 10 2018

I’m hearing that only the 3D version (which is not being sold domestically) will replicate the fullscreen, IMAX experience. That seems like an incredibly shortsighted move on Disney’s part. Read more

Jun 2 2018

O’Donnell also had a pretty significant recurring role in seasons 2 and 3 of Grey’s Anatomy before starting on NCIS: LA.

Apr 19 2018

Not technology, per se, but in Superman: Birthright Martha Kent gives him glasses with thick lenses because it cuts down the brilliance of his eyes - they go from a bright, baby blue to a blue-gray.

Apr 7 2018

Daft Punk Alive 2007 - “Television Rules the Nation/Cresendolls,” “Too Long/Steam Machine,” and “Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger.”