Oct 20

Perhaps if you actually drove one, you would have an understanding of what journalists are talking about. Yes, a manual option would have been nice but... can you get a manual Ferrari? Read more

Oct 15

There are no reasons dealers need to be privately owned. There is no reason companies like Ford would not have factory stores with inventory, just like Apple has a factory store with inventory. The likely hood is less movement on negotiating but I imagine the market would dictate discounts based on inventory and Read more

Oct 14

It’s AH-dee-das. Lace ‘em on and run away from it.

Oct 9

Will she tell us how she is against abortion because she cares about the children, but is perfectly fine with separating children from their families at the border and putting them in internment camps? Read more

Oct 9

Well, when you care more about imaginary children in pizza parlor basements than actual, real children in cages on the border, your moral compass is bound to get a little screwed up.

Oct 8

because men are very, very fragile snowflakes in this country, that is why. I agree w/you.. 

Oct 8

Why does it need to look mean? The whole “every vehicle needs to look pissed” thing is WAAAAY overdone. It looks like a Honda, and looks perfectly fine to me. Ultimately, it IS a Pilot with an open bed, so why shouldn’t it look like that?

Sep 30

Because the increase in pedestrian deaths coincided with another invention that tends to distract motorist and pedestrians alike.

Sep 21

One obvious reason for that is that Europeans are 3 times as likely to speak English well than Americans are to speak a second language at any proficiency.

Sep 20

Welcome to learning about literally any billion dollar business. Capitalism!

Sep 15

Just because you believe in god doesn’t magically make you a good person. Priests and their ilk are plenty good at being terrible people. Just ask all those Catholic alter boys. Read more

Sep 15

Logic would say buy a smaller vehicle to take off road. Though I’m aware that logic and buying patterns don’t have much of an overlap.