Mar 18

Exactly my response. It took about 30 seconds to realize it was a terrible idea unless done perfectly.

It wasn’t done perfectly.

Dec 20

This is a great parody account of a terrible, useless human being. Kudos.

Nov 13

Funny how you’re justifying domestic violence with “she started it.”

If she was throwing heavy/potentially damaging objects at him, then he should’ve called the police and gotten his children out of there. Reacting to someone chucking shit (assuming she was) with violence only escalates the situation.

Or did your Read more

Nov 1

It reeks of “We’ll say we’re sorry, but we won’t actually do anything to change and address the core issue.” Read more

Nov 1

I have a strong suspicion those actions are “release Diablo IV and hope you all shut up about this”.

Oct 21 2019

As a 48 yo Star Wars fan, I can tell you with 100% certainty; “You should go back and watch all of Star Wars : Rebels” Read more

Oct 21 2019

I’m pretty sure that it lost the rectangular one in the crystal cavern at the end of The Last Jedi. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but Chewie just about scrubbed the hull clean in there.

Sep 24 2019

You just called out Street Fighter 3 Alpha Bison. Holy shit he was a complete monster of a final boss.

Sep 24 2019

This reminds me of how the second to last fight of any given arcade mode in a figthing game was always more difficult than previous rounds. Even on easier difficulties the A. I. seemed to give up being such a push over. Read more

Aug 4 2019

You DO know this proposed bill isn’t directly penalizing anything, right? It’s adding a new tool to the FTC and DOJ’s arsenal to use when companies break existing antitrust law

Jul 15 2019

Think the real horror here is china tbh, seriously wtf is going on over there. Students disappearing, “reeducation camps, youtubers being arrested, social credit score system barring travel, corporation after corporation making changes to make china happy, theres some real black mirror shit going on over there

Jul 8 2019

I’m just gonna go ahead and say that Bernie should do what he should’ve done before he announced his 2020 candidacy (his 2016 run was fine—and necessary): Step aside for Warren, and be the elder statesman he’s earned the right to be.

Not everyone needs to be President. Shit, President isn’t even the strongest office in Read more