Dark Aether

God Funimation was a much better company and to merge with these idiots whose app is even complete trash compared to funimations.  Masterclass in downgrading 101. Read more

A ton of my close friends in the anime voice acting industry have had their job stability devolve into chaotic uncertainty in the last few months because of Sony and their acquisition of Funimation/Crunchyroll and subsequent near-total monopoly on English anime dubbing. Read more

So Crunchyroll/Sony is willing to tank a very good dub of one of their very popular licensed anime series...all so they can avoid a union contract? Sony, you can thoroughly go fuck yourselves.

Crunchyroll also just seems terrible in general? Like to use, I mean. Where is the money going? Read more

This is basically the pain I felt in Mario Kart 7 when Waluigi didn’t get in, but Lakitu and Queen Bee did. Read more

Are you kidding?

This comment is definitely heaven. Read more

You deserve all the stars but sadly, I only have one. Read more

Eurgh, this site’s going to get all political now ain’t it! Read more

Book 4 was amazing, and Triandra is probably my favorite Heroes design, but Nott or Dagr (bottom pic) would be my choice from there. Their Valkyrie aesthetic is great and bonus points for not using swords.

I’d probably Pick Nott between the two. Ike is a swordsman, but you could easily replace Ragnell with Urvan, and Read more

Hopefully it’s not another sword fighter.
Read more

Invincible is the best superhero television or movie so far in 2021. Read more

Well that’s an interesting twist. I tapped out of the reboot when it became the Tai and Matt show.
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Fun fact: I’ve used Alucard as my avatar for, like, 15+ years and I’ve never seen nor read all of Hellsing. Maybe I should do that in case this movie is awesome. Read more

A 12-Year Dream

Let me tell you the best thing about being editor-in-chief of Kotaku.