All you babies. That’s Walter F’n Mondale, the former vice president of the United States! Read more

I was OK until I got to the spider picture and I’m gone gone gone. Read more

This beats the ever-lovin’ shit out of the spidery stuff downpage. Ugh. I had a run-in with a live one of those (a spider, not a pope) this morning. It was HUGE. Read more

I’d like an obstetrician named Zen. Read more

To be fair, Suzette Charles is half black, half Italian and all Jersey. Read more

I came in here to say that, so thanks. This guy sounds like a real prince. Read more

That’d be a heck of a superpower. I want it. Read more

When I was in college I worked at a chain book-music store, and we’d have to do inventory a couple times a year (I ran the book side). We’d have to box up and ship back the hardbacks and trade paperbacks that had been on the shelves too long, but the regular paperbacks we just tore the front covers off of and shipped Read more

Unfortunately Mohammed himself and his lieutenants took conquered women as concubines, so it’s all ok, because it’s in their books. Read more

Don’t ever say someone is dead to you unless they’re, like, really DEAD. Heck, my pa’s been gone for eight years next month, and he’s still not really dead to me. I talk to him all the time. Luckily he hasn’t answered back. Read more

This makes me even more grateful for my dad. He wasn’t Superman or even close, but he was a fundamentally good person and did his best. I think I was very lucky. Read more

Hey, she’s Filipino; unusual names are not that unusual there. How about someone who names their kids Skye, Star, Sage, Storm and Stone? Read more

He's from Las Vegas and went to college in Arizona. That's not exactly the deep South. Read more