I’m sure it was a typo that was simply overlooked.  Read more

Right. They tried doing this back in 2015 and he declined then, so what made them think he’d change his mind now? Read more

Give everyone a break with this shit, please. Read more

Lol...that’s not the same thing and you know it Read more

Why is this comment in the grays?!!! Read more

Not every situation is as black and white as you seem to be making it out to be. Read more

I see what you’re doing and you need to stop.  Read more

I highly doubt she was a willing participant in that. If you read carefully, the article mentions that she was “terrified about the control Lauer had over her career.” Read more

This was an unnecessary article. Read more

Well freaking said. The last paragraph alone summarizes the past five years of my life. Read more

Lol....did you know one can be black AND Jamaican? Read more

I don’t get her at all.” Read more

And what exactly are they trying to do? Read more

I doubt that it’s a matter of coolness? The Wing clearly caters to a certain type of working woman, which is interesting considering how big they are on female empowerment and inclusivity. Read more

That’s...not how genetics work. Read more