Jul 18 2015

See, that’s the thing. You saw an argument you didn’t agree with, and you made a thoughtful counter-argument, with clear evidence, to civilly express your opinion that the original argument was flawed. Even if the OP had kept disagreeing with you, they still would have got your point, and the onlookers would have got Read more

Jul 14 2015

My dad used to game with me all the time when I was a kid on the NES, but he stopped once I got a Genesis. With the Wii, he’d actually play with me on occasion. It always made me super happy.

Jul 14 2015

Great article. I think it's terrible that people would falsify posts to try to further an agenda. Nintendo still has a ways to go when it comes to diversity, but they are one of the few companies that I see making a consistent, concerted effort to make their games inclusive for everyone, and they really don't get Read more

Jul 14 2015

Yeah, while their flagship titles, definitely suffer for lack of female protagonists, they were created so so so long ago at this point that it’s really not entirely fair to blame Iwata. If anything, during his tenure Iwata has, perhaps only incrementally (but progress is progress) shifted the paradigm away from Peach Read more

Jun 8 2015

Glad to see this. As you outlined in depth, many girls grow up feeling that they are limited in the things they can do based on their sex. Sure men and women are very different, but to see either as a lesser? Come on people. Read more

Jun 2 2015

Welcome to TAY! I have not seen you around this neck of the wood. Great article, and quite the passion for football.