Jun 1

Wow, you get salty really fast don’t you, what a douche

Jun 1

Jesus, dude, eat a fucking Snickers already. Dude misses the noise at Bristol. Who wouldn’t? Nobody’s taking policy advice from him.

May 11

How long can the country keep giving people money when there’s minimal amounts of taxes coming in?

May 11

Ok so how long do you stay locked down? How long can the country keep giving people money when there’s minimal amounts of taxes coming in? At the end of the day, the quarantine was not put in place to somehow magically make the virus disappear. It was put in place to make sure that the hospitals were not overcrowded. Read more

May 11

When neither proves viable, then what? A successful vaccine or treatment is far from a guarantee.

May 5

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I am still here for David, Andrew and Raph’s writing. Jalopnik has really lost some great talent over the past year. Hopefully they can get back on track, but things have been looking worse lately.

May 5

I’ve noticed the same thing, unless it’s a 10 year old hatchback or compact single cab pick-up, they seem to hate the auto industry.  

May 5

This. I really wish David or Andrew were writing all the content here. They seem to be the only balanced automotive viewpoints of the writing staff. Its like everyone else hates cars or car culture. I have always loved Jalopnik for its irreverence and counter culture attitude, but it seems like most of the writers Read more

May 4

I can practically hear the staccato of the dot matrix print head, grinding away at the paper beneath it.

Apr 28

Bicycles are permitted, even required, to be on the roads in most urban settings. It is the responsibility of car drivers to share the road with them. Yes, some riders ignore traffic signals but by and large most cyclists don’t die because they ran a stop sign and got hit by a car. Usually they get run over while Read more

Apr 14

The designers had the same reaction when they stepped back from their work. The difference is that a second later the marketing guys popped out of nowhere and said, “You guys nailed it!”

Apr 13

Same. Grew up in Tampa. Saw the Challenger with my 5th grade class. Our teacher had been in the program to be on that flight. We watched it explode with her. That day sucked. Really bad.