Mar 15

Clarkson is far better in print honestly. Dude really is a talented automotive writer.

Mar 12

Boomers with muscle cars and Corvettes are generally the trolliest of trolls. And I can say that as I demographically fit the category but split my time between more off he beam stuff like a ‘61 Thunderbird and ‘76 Dodge Dart SEDAN, both of which horrify the troll crowd, which means I am doing it right.

Mar 8

I would be shocked if they can’t handle a 8-10 inch snow in their sleep.  How else can they have the 4th of July parades?

Mar 3

I have not! Might be worth diving (ha) into all of the weird hybrid vehicles Gibbs designed.

Feb 26

Pending the end of the pandemic (and putting in of retirement papers and really a currently unforeseen lifestyle change) I have no use for it, I don’t have a place to keep it, and I doubt I have enough zeroes in my income anyway, yet I am consumed with lust for this vehicle.  

Feb 25

You’re right. It’s not ugly, it’s hideous.

Feb 24

I have no doubt that he went home to sober up. He knew he was looking at hard time if he stayed at the scene and failed a sobriety test. The prosecutor gave him a friends and family deal on the charges, based on the increasingly absurd claim that he thought it was a deer.

Feb 18

Aren’t these things like $3 per joint or something? That’s my biggest gripe over any solder quality questions.

Feb 16

Each unit will come with a spare Torchinsky mounted behind the driver’s seat.

Feb 16

I have no idea how you regularly deliver giggles in practically every post, but thank you!

Feb 16

If the company doesn’t make it, that’ll be a Swiss miss.

Feb 12

In case anyone wants to actually see the cool tires mentioned in the headline without going on a fucking goose chase: