Aug 5

DID YOU KNOW: Painting your nails causes cis men’s dicks to fall straight off? Just straight off? Where once a penis stood, now is only a shade of polish called Oh My Peach. Read more

Aug 5

I’m having trouble working out how a “longtime reader” can be so freaked out by such a harmless fetish. Did he think the column was a kind of zoo where only the world’s weirdest perverts hang out? 

Aug 4

I’m 52.  Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.  And now that I’m old enough to have a say in the matter, I have come to the conclusion that IDGAF about what other people think.  Like what you like, or don’t, because it’s your money, your time, your preferences that matter to you.  Everything else is Read more

Jul 29

Plain clothes, running up and snatching someone without clear establishment of what authority you are representing is not how we as Americans accept an arrest. This person was not a violent extremist or anything that would require a tactic of this level. Nor would would we arrest someone who did meet that level in Read more

Jul 29

Do you lick the boot or do you also suck on it too? Like whats your technique.

Also, the negative partisanship is the reason we have no empathy anymore...and when you can look at this an be like “cool” then our democracy is fucking dead.

Jul 29

You have a strange way of spelling “the first Evil Robot episode of The Six Million Dollar Man”.

Jul 26

And....why is that something to take note of? is there something wrong with white peeps trying to help?

Jul 26

...and? Should people only protest for things that directly benefit themselves?

Jul 24

Somebody just make it and call it an El Camino and I will buy it.

Jul 21

License plates are just metal snitch labels. Making them easier to read is bad.

Jul 17

In light of this news, I will continue my boycott of Ellen, which has been in place for the entirety of the show’s existence. Actually, it’s not a boycott so much as it is a complete ambivalence combined with working during the day.

Jul 16

No mention of the bicycle joust scene?? One of those great cinematic non-sequitors. It has nothing to do with the plot, but its just 5 minutes of pure goofy fun.

Jul 16

“The Edison’s are gonna have the best sex they’ve had since Altamont.”