Jan 14

This is still riding on the same platform as the previous 350/370Z right?

Jan 8

My car arrived just the other day
Not one of the parts in the mid engine bay.
But there was Bedford six...and an overfilled tray.
Owner’s best intentions spiraled into dismay. Read more

Dec 29

And apparently the actual fix is to disconnect the battery and wait a bit so that the entire thing resets to factory? It’s like pulling the battery on a mid-oo’s Blackberry that bricked itself.

Dec 28

Motherfucker, PLEASE. The book isn’t anti-autonomous cars at all. I fucking WISH writing anti-Tesla articles made one tiny bit of difference on book sales. It doesn’t. And I’m not anti-Tesla. But if this is your reaction to this story, perhaps you should seek out your clergyperson or a trusted relative. Maybe a Read more

Dec 15

This is kind of rare, but this thing leaves me completely cold, unmoved, and care-less. 

Dec 14

I’m just surprised people are now suddenly becoming aware he’s a piece of shit when he’s been a known piece of shit in so many ways (and one of the most punchable people on the planet) for years. He’s got a long history of physically violent and abusive behaviour, along with tinges of racism, that’s all been passed Read more

Dec 8

It isn’t ridiculous or outrageous or even that unusual: a sandwich. But what a sandwich it was. From the now lost-to-us A.G. Ferrari in San Francisco: the roast beef, baby greens and gorgonzola-pine nut spread on rosemary focaccia. Sweet Baby Moses in the Bull Rushes, there was a sandwich. Yom Kippur was the day, “Sere Read more

Dec 7

Elon Musk is from Apartheid South Africa. What do you expect? He misses apartheid and that’s why he likes Trump so much. Read more

Nov 25

Same here. I remember having one around the same time that my dad’s stepmother got me, a square black game that somehow involved missiles that I played a lot and really enjoyed. And there was another one, I believe, that was in a similar form factor with a small racing wheel where at least part of it was avoiding

Nov 20

That pic is appropriate.  Dim sum in Hong Kong is one of my greatest food memories.

Nov 20

Yes, it’s a very rare Chevy Tahoe, one of only 100,000 made that year.