Jul 6

I changed professions right as the 5.0 Rovers were starting to come into the independent shops but I’ve heard bad things from friends that worked on them. The sub-$10,000 LR4s are so tempting though, lol. 

Jul 5

As a former tech at an independent Land Rover shop, I’ll agree the BMW (and even the 4.2 Jag-powered) Rovers are pretty reliable. At least as reliable as any other European car from that era. I always felt the BMW ones had better driveability and were more responsive than the 06-09 Jag ones. I am a BMW fan though so I Read more

Jul 4

I’ve had a P38a Range Rover and currently own a Disco I. Both have been fine. Though I admit the *potential* for dilemmas with the P38 gave me a nervous twitch, but nothing bad ever happened with it. I think ultimately “reliability” is 90% on the owners.

Jul 2

The Pentastar blocks for current V6 Maserati vehicles are manufactured in Trenton, MI. However, the Pentastar V6 blocks are a 60 degree V. This new engine is a 90 degree V. I have a feeling it’s based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio engine block.

Jul 1

Because she doesn’t enjoy seeing black people have something to enjoy.

Jul 1

Why is minding one’s damn business hard? I mean really. If you’re not paying for it or it isn’t impacting you, why the hell should you care? Read more

Jun 29

ESP aside, Add metallic Blue and tan leather and you have my E90 318i. 143bhp but sideways whenever you want at a speed you can handle at speeds the cops don’t notice and the Karen's don't report.

Jun 28

Oh, come on! I find it hard to believe that Sasha Baron Cohen, of all people, would be involved in a prank!

Jun 28

Buyers have to want fun. And at the moment they generally don’t. They want “safe” which seems to mean a jacked-up 2-box blob you can’t see out of (for that womb-like feel) in a shade of gray.

Jun 28

Saito makes a 4 stroke R/C plane engine that displaces just 11cc.  A V55o with those pistons would be 6.0L and would fire every 1.3 degrees.

Jun 23

Can you believe how little it fucking takes to enrage white people, compared to how much shit white people expect black people to accept graciously?

Jun 21

just add in some touchscreen infotainment and apple carplay + android auto and you pretty much have a modern vehicle

Jun 16

Are we all certain that “Paddy McGuinness” is a real person and not a made-up character in a bad ethnic joke from the 1950s?

Jun 11

The E46 is fairly easy and cheap to DIY. Even if you find an independent mechanic, it’ll be pricy-ish but not terribly more than what a domestic would cost you, unless you use OEM parts which tend to be about double their domestic counterparts. 

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Jun 9

Jesus Christ, the only thing in my budget that even kisses $569 or over a month is my goddamn rent. Unless you desperately need specific features for work, that is way too much money to spend on a negative asset.