Nov 13 2016

that photo of the mercedes against the yellow building is... wow

Aug 19 2016

This is the kind of article I can star before even reading, then go on to read anyway.

May 17 2016

I don’t believe it’s for sale through any vendors like Hard Dog & Boss Frog... you have to get in contact with Moti at Blackbird Fabworx to place an order.

May 15 2016

pure brilliance. you bet this is going on the site.

May 15 2016

want it finished by the end of today, just stream-of-consciousness-ing my way thru. I don’t need many articles either.

Apr 28 2016

Now I wonder about levels 1 and 2. Like is level 1 cruise control or something?

Apr 20 2016

Avoid 90s (and certain 91s) because they had crank issues. Also 1.6 LSDs wear out over time so you’re better off using the 1.8 LSD (Torsen).

Apr 8 2016

I have always found these new Explorer cruisers—particularly pre-facelift—to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s something about the tiny, slick tires, steel wheels, and low ride...

Apr 5 2016

Wow they really weren’t fucking around when they called it Windy City...

Mar 22 2016

I don’t know. IIIIIIIIIII don’t know man. Mazda thinks people won’t notice the big chunk of shit behind their heads when the top is down, but they most certainly will. How about a regular fucking PRHT? Read more

Mar 17 2016

Styling is obviously worse, but here’s the real tragedy: 86 boxer badge is gone.

Mar 14 2016

Good for bad weather, much more secure, and doesn’t need to be replaced throughout the car’s life.