Jul 29

I know a lot of people are having trouble separating this game from the movies and seeing the characters as the straight-to-video sequel versions of the famous actors, but I can get passed that. However, they aren’t doing themselves any favors by saying that they’ll continue keeping this game going with exciting Read more

Jun 26 2019

Between This, Spider-Man, and the new Avengers game, Taskmaster is having his Best. Year. Ever.

Feb 13 2019

I love the art style, but I hate that it appears they’re sticking with just text bubbles instead of voice-acting. To me, it feels like such an outdated technique that I’d love to see phased out.

Nov 15 2018

Glad he’s gotten over his ego
*believes he’s the reason the Xbox exists*

Jun 8 2017

I remember loving the original Bubsy as a small, stupid child. I’m more excited for this than most AAA titles, just for the nostalgia. I doubt that will translate to an actual sale, though.

May 11 2017

Fun little fact, that header image is actually iconic Hollywood special effects artist Rick Baker and his daughter in their Halloween costumes last year.

Feb 24 2017

Just a minor correction: The Bob’s Burgers mini figures are from Kidrobot, not Toy Robot.

Sep 21 2016

It’s to let them know their brights are on so they’ll be aware that it’s distracting and will turn them off for the next car they encounter.

Dec 21 2015

The Fallout figure is actually being made by ThreeZero, not ThreeA.

Aug 11 2014

Oh, the wrongness of your opinion hurts me! "This author is so good he can make you root for a vile slime ball. What a terrible piece of prose!"