Apr 16

Now that pretty much the entire game industry is delayed your work here is done.

May 10 2017

The lids look like rolled up condoms... but those cakes reminded me of Amadeus’ “Nipples of Venus”.

Mar 17 2016

Agree on what a great storyline that was. As a kid reading that, it was brutal watching what he went through, and to see the price he paid to get his wings back.

Mar 17 2016

Angel and Havok were my favourites. Angel after the Fall of the Mutants you reference above (I also bought the originals as they came out), and Havok because he and Lorna were geologists and I was teaching geology, haha. Read more

Mar 17 2016

I used to love when Whilce Portacio would do Archangel.

Mar 17 2016

Actually that’s Archangel (same guy different codename). In the comics, Angel got his wings ripped off and Apocalypse offered to give him metal wings in exchange for him being one of his Horsemen. He agreed and changed his codename to Archangel.