2/08/19 11:25AM

The thing is, they easily could. The GX has always had a V8. I’m not really sure why they aren’t using it. I guess its to further differentiate the 4Runner from the GX

2/07/19 11:39AM

I wouldn’t wait. The 4Runner drivetrain is admittedly old, but it’s bulletproof.  The rest of the rig is designed as an overland vehicle - one of the very few left available in North America.  I wouldn’t expect them to radically change that formula any time soon, except to give it a 6/8-sp and most likely the Tacoma’s Read more

2/07/19 10:55AM

The redesign is coming, supposedly 2021 model year but now with these infotainment changes I’d be surprised.  It’s hard to see them putting in the center console redesign work just for 1 model year.
Read more

2/07/19 10:00AM

This is always a possibility with anything. Someone once told me–don’t remember who–if you know for sure the item you want is coming out within 6 months, then you can wait, but if it’s beyond that or still unannounced buy it now. Otherwise you’re always waiting on the next version and will have wasted time that could Read more

1/29/19 10:45AM

It sits an inch higher off the ground, and comes with larger wheels as standard (wider tires too). That extra ground clearance isn’t good for fuel economy.

7/18/17 11:51AM

It’s been done before - here’s the writeup about the guy who bought a new crosstrek and WRX’d it:

8/19/16 1:02PM

Wow, that’s fucked up. He made a mistake, sure, but he doesn’t deserve to have his basketballs ruined.

8/10/16 6:06PM

DON’T MAKE THE CLUTCH SLIP!!! learn how to release it in first and then shift normally. Your vehicle (if it is not a big commercial truck) has synchronized gears, no need to double clutch or heel&toe under normal driving.
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7/11/16 12:55AM

And yet the M3/M4 has won the vast majority of the comparisons against the C63s and ATS-V, so I guess all of them are crap. I understand hating on the F8x M3/M4 is the jalopnik thing to do because it isn’t a V8 that will eventually depreciate to $20k so they can purchase one, but the amount of hate is unreal.

6/15/16 1:34PM

HIV is no longer the death sentence it was in the 80s. However Mustang ownership is still as dangerous for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers.

6/13/16 3:44PM

She’s complaining that information she admits is entirely useless is being hidden from her. You don’t see why that’s dumb? Because that’s fucking dumb.

6/13/16 3:39PM

Simmer down and have some patience, entitled millennial.

6/13/16 3:38PM

considering you’re angry enough to give them the free press of an update, I think they did a pretty good job of accomplishing their goal. To be honest, they really don’t have to say anything about the episode. We’d all watch if it the synopsis were “man sticks finger up butt of another man,” which in fairness, Read more

5/24/16 8:39PM

Out there somewhere in America is the High School Auto Shop teacher that is going to make one of these. He is recruiting smart and talented kids with the zeal of a Texas Football coach because he knows it’s going to be his year. Retirement present for a long well fought career in the bowels of High School Shop.

5/19/16 4:04PM

Oh I looked at it and thought it was a cigar sticking out of the wall. I thought you were going to tell me it was a turtle, Yay turtles!!! But no...it really is a cigar 😢