Jan 11 2016

Nah, I’m gonna agree with Obeyyourscarletthirst. “Maybe this isn’t for me” is a rational thought everyone should have when consuming something, and especially before choosing to complain about it. There’s a guy here who’s always first in the comments for a new episode of Doctor Who who posts a giant list of everything Read more

Jan 11 2016

You mean shake things up and go gritty or something? No thank you. Its meant to be lighthearted, its mean to be hopeful, its meant to not suck the happiness out of your soul like a dark green clad dementor.

Jan 11 2016

I’m crossing my fingers for Detective Chimp.

Jan 11 2016

I await the big multiverse special War on Infinite Supergirls where they ALL put on Supergirl outfits and play different versions of her. Also Nicholle Tom who voiced Kara in the DCAU. Read more

Jan 11 2016

Any former Catholics who are still weirdly obsessed/interested in religious iconography and saints and the like?

Jan 8 2016

Six foot wingspan or not, there’s no way a flying fox could ever be horrifying. They’re adorable!

Jan 7 2016

I love the Gawkerverse, but any time that love starts to blind me to the fact that the staff is almost totally made up of Brooklyn-by-way-of-the-Midwest hipsters who only like things when they’re “obscure” and never quite got out of the middle school habit of hating everything on principle, they make sure to remind me.

Jan 6 2016

I would 100% wear Nancy Reagan’s belted ensemble. This weekend, no questions asked, no alterations needed.

Jan 5 2016

I’ve often seen people arguing about whether Batman is the cause of the craziness in Gotham City or an effect of it. It’s nice of Gotham to show us that his city would be just as messed up without him.

Jan 5 2016

No. That’s not serious shade. That’s a guy selling a movie and talking about its competition. He’s messing with your heads, people. Read more

Jan 5 2016

Heh basically you can sum most of it up as Sexism! Female love interests and girlfriends of male superheroes still get a lot of the same deal they always have. They may get better roles because of progress but that doesn’t always make them exempt from the same old stories. Partially cause of familiar tropes and lazy Read more

Jan 4 2016

It’ll be iPhone lines around the block at all gun retailers followed by above gif. Any light suggestion of a restriction leads to spectacular sales spikes. Makes one wonder if this shite is all orchestrated by gun manufacturers...lol obv haha

Jan 4 2016

The president can’t make law. Executive actions can only clarify and/or refine existing law. Banning assault weapons is something he simply can’t do, with any reasonable hope of it holding up in court.

Jan 4 2016

You won’t want to live where I am. A raccoon took over the roof of my house and hissed at anyone who came close. He just sat there like he was king of the world. Animal control had to come and take his little ass out.

Jan 4 2016

I’m going to go a head and be lame, I loved FO4 and I loved the Witcher 3 but my favorite RPG from last year has to go to Pilliars of Eterntiy. I think it’s because Baulders Gate(along with Morrowind) are two games that had such a defining moment on my life and why I love to play video games. Everything about the game Read more