10/05/16 11:06AM

this is what I see but could be anything

9/14/15 11:48AM

The Answer has to Silverad0, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade combo. The GM Generation III engine has been around 1997. Parts availability is great and aftermarket support and tuning. The LS series engine is the go to engine for everything.

8/24/15 8:55AM

Consider the price of these on Factory Five Forum I vote Crack Pipe. this one is selling for $23,900. he also has another complete for $19,500

4/18/15 3:30PM

How about the RAGIN’ REDNECK mud truck with reserve not met yet price of $3500 this cant be worth more than 10,000.

1/16/15 1:17PM

We need more Street cars like this Renault to a the Clio and this (And send them to the US)

10/04/14 7:18AM

Chevy Volt reliable and really cheap to operate and surprisingly fun to drive. Cant get much better than a car that has sticker price of 45,000 only a year old and the price is less than half. I have had mine for 3 years and 40,000 miles only thing I have done is put tires on it. Charge it for around $0.30 a day Read more

1/24/14 4:16PM

I chose the M235i because press car. Ideally we want all manufactures to make performance versions of all there small cars. So if the media likes it everyone loves it right. Also I don’t want to hear Journalist bitch about well we have to wait to drive the “M” version before we make mind up on the 2 series. As far Read more