Jan 6

If you’re wondering why there are not more essays in these comments about how Fisher should realize Cyborg is a minor character or why he should know his place in the franchise, it’s because the people who would usually do that are busy either rioting or getting arrested.

Dec 15

The first 10 minutes of Wonder Woman 1984 moved me to tears”
Americans.... Sigh.
The worst cinema experience I ever had was when Americans were there; they clapped, hooted and shouted at every chance; actively stopping people hearing the dialogue.
No wonder you have the issues you have; you people are too emotional; Read more

Dec 13

He was already Deathstroke in Justice League. He’ll be back for more in The Snyder Cut ... this time with a Mohawk!

Nov 23

I’m surprised that they even make fake tires just for this purpose.

Nov 23

Hemsworth is clearly the dumbest Chris.  Doesn’t he realize that is it much easier to just roll a tire?  He doesn’t have to flip it like that.

Nov 23

I mean, we’re obviously talking MCU Chrises, otherwise the lack of Chris Messina in the ranking would be highly suspect.

Nov 23

Why does Hemsworth, the largest Chris, not simply eat the others?

Nov 12

Kind of surprising that Germain doesn’t mention once that this is actually a stand-alone sequel to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Nov 12

Deeply disturbed by how much Pascal in that header looks like Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. Read more

Nov 11

I like that idea actually- Lucas re- editing the footage for Rise of Skywalker. I think it cannot help but be more coherent, simply because Rise was such a mess.