Cyber Mind Grrl
Aug 19

That kind of arrogant talk is why I’m happy whites are eventually becoming minorities in America. It’s well deserved.

Aug 18

And your mother could have just swallowed.

Aug 11

My worries about Ms Harris’s past (political, only!) actually have encouraged me to think that she may be able to push a far more progressive program that would otherwise be possible. President Obama, infuriatingly, rarely did anything but seek a compromise, which would have been admirable except that he was dealing Read more

Jun 21

Just because slavery existed before and after the Civil War in other places, does not absolve the horrors of it in the United States. Yes, absolutely slavery is a greater and more unique evil. You’re speaking about people who are directly owned, beaten and tortured for the profit of another. How dare you even begin to Read more

Jun 16

Yours one of the most succinct, yet complex, replies I have ever read, here or anywhere. It makes my head hurt. Well done!

Jun 9

Old white woman knees a cop in the groin and lives to tell the tale? Weird.

May 27

Voters, not the DNC. rejected Sanders twice. Time to move on.

May 14

OMG! Some of the stupid fuckers in the grays are just ridiculous. To respond to the most ignorant: Read more

May 13

What the actual fuck am I looking at!? It’s like a rejected wax figure from Madame Tussauds that hasn't been melted yet because it broke the furnace.  Twice.

May 10

I am glad I could expose the depths of your actual racism here in public. Read more

May 10

I can cherry pick after a three second Google search, too. Read more

Jan 20

The “simply because” is hilarious. How incredibly disingenuous of you. The only thing you’re putting out there is jealousy and baseless contempt.

Sep 24 2018

Bitch.... Michelle O accomplished more in her life BEFORE she became first lady than you and your whole tornado bait trailer trash family have ever even read about. Double Ivy League Graduate. Lawyer. Hospital Administrator. Mother. Go getter. Accomplisher of many things, not the least of which is to be married to a Read more

Sep 18 2018

Warning: Possibly triggering due to description of sexual assault. Read more

Aug 18 2018

Avengers 4: Pining for the Fjords

Aug 3 2018

“He closed all the entry points and FORCED them to cross the border illegally.” Read more

Feb 10 2018

When my nephew was 3 yrs old a hearse drove past us and he expressed a wish to ride in one. I assured him that, one day, his wish would come true. Read more

Nov 8 2017

...does that mean he’s not coming on then?