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Apr 13

Wow it's almost like Fallout 76 is a broken piece of shit and people shouldn't play it

Nov 12 2019

Shutting down the only dedicated politics website in your portfolio right before the 2020 election, one of the most consequential of our lifetime, kicks into high gear. Essentially shutting down the second-most highly trafficked website in your portfolio because one out of every twenty five posts rankles you. I’m not Read more

Oct 28 2019

I appreciate the commentariat keeping the email address alive. Despite the original post requesting respectful feedback, I fear I may have strayed from that directive. The terms “sackless cowards” and “kindly fuck off” may have been used.

I have no regrets. 

Oct 28 2019

Hey, let’s talk about how G/O media are such gutless scum that they took down all of the posts across the kinjaverse about how awful the autoplaying videos are and how to contact the ownership about it. Read more

Oct 28 2019

You don’t think the power imbalance and direct line of authority calls into question whether or not there was truly consent?

Oct 27 2019

She slept with a subordinate. That’s bad news, regardless of whatever her husband did or didn’t do. 

Oct 10 2019

They killed it out of spite. It wasn’t a lack of clicks or a lack of revenue. Pure spite. They bought the house to burn it down. Read more

Oct 10 2019

So, let’s collect ideas for where to go now that splinter is dead. I tend to like crooksandliars, but the commentariot sucks and the site as a whole is stuffed with more ads than the GMG sites.