Curtis Visser
12:39 PM

If you’re only hauling one bike, maybe a bro lift isn’t even worth it. Tall trucks are harder to push bikes into! If you want something really sturdy, I’ve put an Old Man Emu 2.5" lift on my Tundra and love it (except when I have to load and unload bikes up that steep ass ramp!). Also, Fuel Trophy wheels look pretty Read more

11:04 AM

Are those TKC 80's worth it on a light adventure bike?
Is the Enduro suspension (Cone forks, better shock) that much snazzier?
Is there a weight difference between the two?
Seat heights: what are they? For Comparison sake, your inseam (height is irrelevant to how long your friggin’ legs are) Read more

12:13 PM

I’ve worn the Kevlar Drills for a season and I. Am. A. Fan. Lighter than denim, and they circulate air better. I’ve ridden them in street AND dual sport settings, and I’m happy.

4:04 PM

Japan sure does know how to make a horrible rear license plate. It’s almost as bad as the canoe paddle on the back of my 1290 SuperDuke!

7:13 PM

Saint Kevlar Drills run 450 CAD, should be about 350 USD. Agreed on their denim pricing, but if the longevity is there, it could balance out over the long term.

2:42 PM

Nice to see a nice lady-moto jean at a reasonable price. I wonder if these are anything like those horrid/overpriced maple denim that felt like you’re wearing sweatpants and cheap jeans? Read more

12:31 PM

Looks good, I can’t wait for a test ride! I also can’t wait for Sean to give us all the good news once he gets to ride it.

10:35 PM

And Kenny Roberts showing up at the end with a TZ 750 was kind of appropriate as that bike had a lot more engine than its (flat track) chassis could handle too. Imagine holding a 750cc 2 stroke *RIGHT* in the powerband sliding around a dirt corner doing 80-100 mph? Also no front brakes. Dang. Read more

6:32 PM

Sweet lord these huskies are nice. Nicer than the orange ones? Yup. And I’m interested to see how the snazzier suspension will shake out in testing than the rather bland offering from KTM.

11:00 AM

Why do all these videos, and the marketing departments that make them, insist on testing their audience for epilepsy? Read more

1:52 PM

Litre bikes have actually gotten so good, laypeople CAN control them. That’s what the electronic throttle control, expensive (adjustable) electronics, sublime suspension and ABS are for. Read more

2:33 PM

It’s bikes like this that make me wish I could let go of the schmancy bikes that I’m drawn to and just go for these brilliant aftermarket vajazzlings that make otherwise uninspiring (it’s hard to call any litre bike DULL in my opinion) Japanese bikes absolutely shine. I am, however, not one to declare “It should be Read more

11:36 AM

The big part of it is letting go of the idea of needing to have both feet on the ground at the same time. You only need a toe down in most situations, and developing the balance, flexibility and core strength to do that instantly is an important part of riding dirty bikes of all weights and displacements.

10:27 PM

Except many of us can't plate and ride a 300 on public roads, and want to be comfortable when we're smashing out 1000 mile days. I ride a 690 Enduro, too. Light bikes have a purpose, but these big beasts can really do a lot.

10:21 PM

Gripstuds are a big help for lots of people that choose to ride out of the usual season, and my KTM heated grips were a big help, KTM also offers a heated seat, and there are tons of heated vests and jackets on the market. If you're looking at adding a snorkel, you're in too much water, but UniFilter Australia has Read more

10:16 PM

The service schedule doesn't indicate anything about that, service intervals are a nice, roomy 6000 miles, and the only thing that KTM asks is to check valve clearances at those intervals. The 1190 engine is very robust, and there are a lot of other folks in my area reporting no problems at all. (I also found the bike Read more

7:41 PM

Big points for the Mora. When I was younger and dumber I bought a 'military' style knife (a Gerber LMF2). It's saved my ass, but after consulting Wes, I went for the ESEE 6 for my outdoors activities. Splits wood, carves steaks, and with a little steeling here and there, is still shaving sharp. No stupid rubber handle Read more