Jul 2

They had the balls to add this and yet image insert is still royally screwed up in all the editors. Nice going Kinja. This is what it looks like when you insert an image, it’s been broken for years:

Apr 25 2019

This chart is like the current car market in reverse. The first one is all sedans until the Rogue in 14th place. The second chart has its first non-sedan at 10th place and it’s a minivan. It doesn’t get its first CUV until 12th. Read more

Mar 21 2019

Um, that’s not upside down, that’s oriented the wrong way. I was picturing the plastic part upside down then with the buttons installed. Not the best descriptor here.

Feb 27 2019

This is about Nationalism more than Religion. But whatever... Don’t let something as pesky as reality get in the way of your beliefs.

Feb 20 2019

All our cars will be self-driving by the time this road is completed, right? RIGHT??? Therefore it’ll be a train of drafting self-driving vehicles running at 100mph. Essentially, a cheaper and more personal version of the rail train that they were planning on, anyway!

Feb 14 2019

I think the buyer is missing the basic psychology here. Do you want a doctor who is your equal? Or do you want a doctor who is smarter than you? If I am hiring an architect, I definately want someone who has better taste than me. The Volvo, especially the interior, screams “architect’s car.” The Land Rover would also Read more

Feb 4 2019

I agree, but I’ll tell you I see a LOT more 20 year old Nissans/Toyota/Hondas. When is the last time you saw a Diamante or Galant? It’s been a few years for me. I see a 3000GT every now and then but that’s because they look cool enough to keep them running.

Feb 4 2019

Mitsubishi was so ubiquitous 20 years ago that it just blows my mind what they’ve become. The Mitsubishi Eclipse was the default “car to buy my daughter for her high school graduation” of my generation, and now... this.

Jan 30 2019

If it looks like the S40 concept from 18 months ago, I’m ok with this.

Jan 30 2019

I mean, it’s not as if Volvo is particularly renowned for its hatchbacks. Save the guillotines for when they start killing off their wagons, I say.

Jan 28 2019

That’s OP’s Civic

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Jan 14 2019

The CC/Arteon is a world market car, the Passat is not, it’s broken into two platforms (US and the World). Read more

Aug 8 2013

The UAEs have bigger engines. Those look like 535is. By the look of it, the Germans seem to have 520ds.