Jim Saunders

It’s been my experience with my current Galazy S5, most apps won’t allow you to save them to my 128gb sd card. That really sucks and I’m thinking of getting the cracked screen on my old HTC ONE, but from I understand, it’s pretty standard for apps to now require they be installed on the phone, not SD card. Feel free Read more

1 terabyte capacity. 48 hour battery with heavy use. The latest version of pure Android. My dream phone and hope to see it in a couple of years. Read more

I’d like to see this as well. Read more

At least one member of every ref crew should be a full time employee and preferably two. Once you start this system it will take years maybe, but we will get better refs. Otherwise just remove them from the field and have someone watching the game upstairs with all the camera views making all the calls. The camera Read more

How long do you think it will it take to edit out the secret alien bases before we get to see the cleaned up version.? Read more

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