6/08/21 7:02PM

When are people going to learn that saying stupid things like this make them out to be ignorant, hipster knobs? Many Stephen King movies are absolutely wonderful, and this is just another way of saying that you’ve never actually watched them. Shining may not be the adaptation King wanted, but has a better ending than Read more

2/24/21 11:48AM

Why do people that are not fashion designers have opinions about red carpet dresses? 

2/18/21 1:33AM

Looking like you’re on the righteous path to a celebrated death as well. 

10/29/20 1:51PM

This just comes off as an Apple fan write-up and not really a solid defense of what was claimed. How is this phone future proofed for years to come? Is Apple not throttling device performance after a generation anymore? Is the laughably bad battery life in this phone a bigger pain when it degrades after 8 months? Is Read more

9/21/20 12:29PM

This is a worse take than that one. Maybe companies that are willing to cut turn-off features and prevent their systems from throwing flags in the name of smooth investor demos shouldn’t be allowed to operate on the road. There was so much willful negligence in that “accident.” So yeah, throw out the entire system. Read more

9/02/20 2:39AM

On your last point, I agree. Maybe stuffing our kids in front of endless video games in lieu of parental guidance isn’t the best way to raise empathetic, balanced individuals? Being a kid and having fun while also learning about how the world works are not mutually exclusive things. When I was a kid, I learned pretty Read more

9/02/20 2:36AM

Ah, so it’s my responsibility to teach your kids empathy? I’m also guessing you haven’t played this game have you? The silly stupid game is about winning and beating other jellybeans. Nothing described in this is cheating, nor is it a mechanical exploit that isn’t allowed. There are no rule sheets or best practices Read more

8/22/20 2:19AM

Screw that. Kids need to learn that life isn’t fair and the playing field isn’t always level. Coddling results in people getting upset in comment sections when someone admits to griefing people in an online game. Maybe parents should be spending time with their kids instead of abandoning them in front of a screen.

7/31/20 4:11PM

I makes sense if the money makes sense. We compared leasing our Mini over financing. To finance and get the payments to a reasonable monthly required a much bigger down payment than we wanted, so we looked at a lease. Turns out, smaller down payment and hitting our target monthly resulted in a buyout cost at the end Read more

7/24/20 9:47PM

There’s sure going to be a lot of automotive talk to enjoy when our roads finally crumble into oblivion and the majority of folks in this country can’t afford to own a car, let alone a fun one. Yeah maybe every hobby and thing we enjoy is at risk by this unfathomably incompetent and evil administration? Maybe politics Read more

7/17/20 2:03AM

This is my non-hateful, constructive feedback to you. Please please please do the rest of us a favor and go get hit by a truck. Rather than drag down a bunch of innocent people with you, just take yourself out of the equation for the greater good. Not saying it to be mean, but I think you may be too stupid for the Read more

5/21/20 1:05AM

I don’t need to say it then. A lot of these stretch sci fi a bit, so Raid should get a mention for how balls to the wall and simple it is. It’s a non stop action masterpiece.

3/04/20 11:57AM

Wikipedia: “Tarantino’s mother married musician Curtis Zastoupil soon after arriving in Los Angeles, and the family moved to Torrance, a city in Los Angeles County’s South Bay area.[9][10] Zastoupil encouraged Tarantino’s love of movies, and accompanied him to numerous film screenings. Tarantino’s mother allowed him Read more

11/05/19 3:51PM

God...he’s not saying there weren’t shit movies back in the day. He’s just saying the ever-popular juggernaut of the Marvel machine does not qualify as cinema. He’s fucking right. Marvel movies are fun. They’re entertaining. They’re on the plus side of dumb, CGI-reliant, tropey action movies. But that’s what they are. Read more

11/05/19 3:48PM

If you’re saying the MCU movie bucket of empty calories is directly comparable to The Beatles, you’ve proven why Scorsese has to defend this shit in the first place. I enjoy a Marvel movie outing, but on the same level as any other bad to okay pop culture film. It’s fun, it’s a good way to be entertained for a couple Read more

8/13/19 2:51PM

This should be the article right here. 

7/12/19 5:27PM

Maybe shitty people treat things like shit? 

7/01/19 9:19PM

I’ll throw out a similar scenario here: Climbing. What’s dangerous about climbing? Well just about fucking everything when you push it to the limit. Alex Honnold is famous for his free solo ascents, but there are hundreds of pro climbers who have died from lesser attempts. Point is, none of that deters people from Read more

5/31/19 5:22PM

My parents are boomers and they are lovely people, but I remind them how much better the world will be when you guys die off. My mom was able to buy a house at age 26 by herself in the Bay Area. My dad was able to support a mortgage, wife, two kids, vacations, etc on a single job. They were both able to get through Read more