Sep 5 2018

Weird Al eats Twinkie Weiner Sandwiches, a hotdog in a split Twinkie that is covered in cheese whiz, that are dipped in milk. Dipping a chicken finger in Coke is rather tame compared to the former. Read more

Sep 4 2018

To me, this is just further proof NASCAR is dying a slow death. A championship winning team (from last year, not a decade ago) can’t find a sponsor? Decaying TV ratings, sponsors leaving, empty seats, when will NASCAR wake up?

Aug 31 2018

Thank you for writing a sane article. The one on Jezebel left me feeling relieved that I’d already been banned.

Aug 29 2018

Came here for the Dukes reference and was not disappointed!

Aug 28 2018

This is one of those situations where I’m not really rooting hard for either side. The law is bogus overboard (fucking prison time for what boils down to a dispute over marketing? Really?) and I’m not exactly sympathetic to big meat producers in general. But at the same time, for the people producing meat substitutes, Read more

Aug 22 2018

It might be apocryphal, but I heard that they named this gun after one of the programmers, and as a joke made it the worst weapon in the game.  

Aug 22 2018

But they do want fuel efficient cars, as long as they are the size of a Tahoe, have 400hp engines and have every bell and whistle that can be squeezed in. 

Aug 22 2018

Seems unnecessarily complex. I’ve had one of these between my 99 and 02 Silverado for going on 14 years now. Lifetime warranty (got a new fabric, clamps and latch at about 8 or 9 years in - no questions asked).

Aug 22 2018

Thankfully, Pillsbury’s baking-mix business was scooped up for $375 million by a Greenwich, Connecticut-based private equity firm called Brynwood Partners. (My calls to them to ask about the future of America’s favorite sprinkle-cake mix went unreturned. Read more

Aug 21 2018

Let me be curt: I wouldn’t blow 60K on ice cream even if it included me getting blown while i eat it. Especially not for fucking vanilla.

Aug 21 2018

Counterpoint: “Hurr durr It’s not scary” is a good way to end up Orlove’d or worse. There isn’t a 500+ hp car in production (existence) that doesn’t deserve respect.  Read more

Aug 20 2018

The arguments you make are against the 210. The Bel Air was never meh. Of course, 90% of remaining 210s have been made into Bel Air clones. You are making an argument analogous to the GTO being boring because the Tempest was basic transportation.
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Aug 19 2018

I don’t understand this logic. I coast in neutral all the time. Especially if I see a yellow light ahead.

If I have to change brake pads every 50,000 miles it cost me a fraction of a cent per mile, so I’m absolutely fine with “my money going to dust”.

This is the strangest argument I’ve ever read.