Dec 16 2014

This is really going to piss off the aliens. Saved the environment, started an intergalactic war. Thanks Greenpeace.

Oct 6 2014

i can't even google image search "Grave of the Fireflies" without thinking that life is a cruel meaningless burden.

Oct 6 2014

Watership Down. Of course, I fell in love with it when I was still a kid, so I guess it was for kids after all. Or at least one kid. Me.

Sep 13 2014

This was easily one of the most meditative and measured examinations of the Doctor. You're kind of missing the point of the episode. It might've gone too subtle in parts, but it was clear that it was all about the Doctor's fear and trauma. The claustrophobic ambiguity is intentional because this is as much the Read more

Sep 13 2014

I think wanting answers is the problem. Doctor Who seems to be a show that's supposed to make us think, make us have questions, leave us in a loop of confusion. If you want straightforward storytelling, there's plenty of procedurals, medical dramas, and the like out there. Sci-fi and Doctor Who are about Read more

Aug 12 2014

"But that just isn't the case, there aren't any goatee-stroking white devils out there cackling with glee every time a black boy gets shot," Read more

Aug 11 2014

It must be terrible for black parents to have to tell their children "Even if you're unarmed, even if you're well-behaved, even if you do everything right, there is still a chance that a white police officer will murder you in the street with your hands up." Read more

Aug 11 2014

The craziest thing to me in the aftermath of these killings is how accepting most people are of the militarization of the police. I fully expect that when video footage is found (dashcam or otherwise), Mike Brown will have done nothing that could warrant a reaction with fatal force, but people will still look and Read more

Jun 27 2014

I'd rather spend my life getting nowhere because I've been giving the finger to authority than spend my life screwing over people who don't deserve it just because I was told to do so. Any authority that makes that kind of demand deserves to be buried up to their neck in their own bullshit.

Jun 16 2014

So far in the environmental field there is a more or less 3 part approach to reviving any agricultural area back to being of benefit to the area in which it is found. The first step is environmental assessment and project planning in the form of environmental reclamation, each one these projects are particular to Read more

Jun 16 2014

Yeah this is just another horrible band-aid to try and make money while not addressing the horrible environmental destruction caused by hundreds of years of colonialism and the proceeding wars that have ravaged the area since...but ya know no one wants solutions, just feel good projects....

Jun 5 2014

When it comes to feeding the planet, there are many more variables than GMO vs non-GMO. I'll let someone else argue about GMOs. Read more

Jun 3 2014

What I want to know is why were they even making spindles with sharp ends in the first place? Were the women practicing some sort of secret fiber-related martial art and/or planning an uprising? (That would be a movie I'd watch: peasant women wielding spindles, niddy-noddies and knitting needles. Possibly fighting

May 27 2014

West Edmonton mall. I got air-born on the purple one. It was the scariest one there. The red one just shoves your swimming trunks up your arse.

May 27 2014

Go down the slide? ... No! I got a job. I'm in my mid thirties. If I need an adrenaline rush I'll stub my toe or play hand/paw-claw slap with my cat. I do want to watch a video of someone almost flying off though ;)

May 27 2014

I worked in a water park in high school (now a Six Flags.). We had a waterslide that was no problem for the first season and a half or so— until a guy went flying off into the trees in a curve and was killed. I think there are just so many variables they can't always test for them. That being said, I DO NOT RIDE Read more

May 27 2014

They want perfection. They won't be satisfied until "all" riders are thrown into the air.