Mike Crimson
9:42 AM

Dollar General has always had a much better selection of MB than almost any other store.  Now, it might be a selection from 6 months ago, but they usually have plenty of pegs full of them.

8:01 AM

I tend to buy these one at time at Hobby Lobby using the 40% coupon. After tax, it comes out to $8.41 for me here in Georgia. Luckily, the Lobby is less than 5 minutes from my house and my wife’s work, so I always have a reason to stop by there. Read more

1:13 PM

Wait, what? 500? Please. I’ve been collecting for 2 years now and have over 2,000 cars in jammers. That’s only a fraction of the total collection, and doesn’t count the carded or customs. I had more than 500 cars available for sale at our last local meet up, and that wasn’t even the most by a collector there.  Loo Read more

9:22 PM

When these were released, I thought ‘Great, more Silverados.’ Then I saw the detail in these and realized they were in a class all their own.  These things even have cup holders!  They are amazing, and have set the bar much higher for all future Silverado castings.

7:46 AM

We have one local Wal-Mart Marketplace that has been getting one D case in about every three weeks. It’s been fairly steady now for about 5 months. D case has two of the Momo Datsuns. I’ve been leaving them. Our Dollar Generals had an influx of D cases a few months ago when I was hunting them regularly and I ended Read more

7:40 AM

I, too, spent countless hours clicking away at this game. I was truly sad when it had to go. I tried to relieve some of my grief by playing the mobile version, but it was no where near the same. Eventually, the mobile was shut down as well, and my Car Town fix was completely gone. Sad days indeed. Read more

5:38 PM

Very nice.  I actually found this same Ultra Red at a Bargain Hunt store with a severely damaged package.  I would have opened it anyway, but it was an easy decision to make with the crappy packaging.

9:12 PM

Alpines are peg warming here.  And I do my best to grab all the Chirons I can.  Up to 33 now.

5:13 PM

The doors on mine open perfectly fine.  That’s not the problem for me.  What is the problem is the fact that paint on the doors doesn’t come close to matching the rest of the cars.  Add to that the fact that wheels are poorly chosen, ugly Hot Wheels carryovers, and this one was doomed from the start.  A great concept, Read more

2:04 PM

I bought one for myself because, like you, I am a big fan of SPAM. It does come with a SPAM Daytona as well. Both are super well done. Read more

10:11 AM

And did you see the kids Power Wheels inside?  This is one of my favorites for 2019!

9:29 AM

Saw them at my WM the other day. Was excited because they were in a spot that said $2. When I went to check the price and they rang up $4.97, I promptly put them back on the pegs. A friend really wanted the fry truck, so I grabbed it for him. Read more

1:50 PM

The sad part is that these are peg warmers around here.  It’s not like it’s hard to get the car, or that it’s even worth anything. If you can’t afford $5, get out the hobby.

11:16 PM

I recently was able to obtain the $uper.  It is by far my favorite for this year.  And I would say that even if I wasn’t a huge Mopar fan.  A friend of mine had actually taken one of those Zamacs and ‘painted’ it with a red sharpie and shot it with some clear to seal it.  It looked so close to the Super that I was Read more

6:20 PM

The one I have is in a spray can. I spray it on till there’s a thick amount of it covering the car. I know they have some that can be brushed on as well. I don’t think it needs any submersion. This stuff works well and fast. Read more

10:34 AM

It does work on premium cars. I’ve found them to be a bit tougher, especially if they are covered in tampos. If it doesn’t come off easily under running water, I just put it back in for some more time. I’ve never had a car need more than two dips in it. I use an old cookie sheet I got from Goodwill for less than a Read more

6:13 AM

Don’t know if you have any at your local Walmart, but I use Citrustrip. It does the trick on most cars without any hassle. Do handle with gloves however to avoid any irritation. Give it about 10-15 minutes and most paint just slides right off. Read more